The following abbreviations have been used throughout this section of the CROPP Wiki Space:

  • BC = Business Constituency
  • IPC = Intellectual Property Constituency
  • ISPC = Internet Services Providers Constituency
  • NCUC = Non-Commercial Users Constituency
  • NPOC = Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency

GNSO Constituency Approved Outreach Strategic Plans

RALO Strategic PlanDate Approved
BC Outreach Strategic Plan
IPC Outreach Strategic Plan
ISPC Outreach Strategic Plan
NCUC Outreach Strategic Plan
NPOC Outreach Strategic Plan

The following report automatically updates itself based upon completed/approved Trip/Event Proposals and is not editable except by CROPP Administrators.

GNSO Constituency Trip/Event Approval Status Report


Note: The BC Engagement Event counts as 5 Travelers when reporting CROPP statistics.