The meeting of the GAC GNSO Consultation Group of Tuesday 21 January.

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Proposed Agenda:

- Confirm Charter

-          Confirm co-leads of both work tracks

o   Suzanne & Mikey on PDP

o   Jonathan & Manal on Regular Liaison / Communication

-          Overview of the PDP diagram (Circulated on Jan. 14th, 2014) -  15 min. (Mikey)

-          Agree on the relevant documents/material for each work track as well as the way forward (And targets to be reported on the following call):

o   PDP

§  Table on GAC Engagement in GNSO Policy Development Process including Mikey’s questions (draft of Dec. 3rd, 2013)

§  GNSO PDP Process Overview – slides prepared by Mikey (version circulated on Jan. 14th, 2014)

§  Mikey’s slides on GNSO PDP Process Overview edited by Marika (circulated on Jan. 16th, 2014)

o   Day-to-Day

§  ‘Reverse Liaison – mind map’ diagram – Prepared by Marika and Olof (circulated on Jan. 10th, 2014)

§  ‘EXCERPTS FROM GAC WORKING METHODS PROPOSAL FOR THE GNSO-GAC EARLY ENGAGEMENT WORKING GROUP’ prepared by Gema in the context of GAC working methods working group

(circulated to the group before the creation of the mailing list on Dec. 9th, 2013)

-          AOB

Updates / Action items - 21/1 meeting: