27 March 2014

Panelists: Yu-Chuang Kuek, Vice President, Asia

                        Savé Vocea, Vice President, Oceania

                        Criden Dappi, Oceania WG Chair

                        Kuo-wei Wu, ICANN Board


Summary: The session updated the ICANN community on the ICANN Asia Pacific Hub’s (APAC Hub) engagement activities in both Asia and Oceania. The presentation slides are attached: 1) APAC Hub Update; 2) Oceania Update. About 100 participants attended the session. The key points of the feedback are captured below.


We welcome your comments and feedback on this platform as well.


Working with ICANN’s contracted parties in the Asia Pacific region


Encouraging APAC participation in Policy Development



Initiatives for Women


Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and Universal Acceptance


Data Protection


Assisting new gTLD contracted parties



Use of Communication Tools



APAC Hub Beta - Contracted Party Feedback


Kuek summed up the feedback we received at the ICANN48 meeting in Buenos Aires in November 2013 (see attached slides). Feedback was sought from the community to be considered for the development of an APAC Hub Beta, particularly on the APAC Hub’s services for contracted parties (contractual compliance, registry/registrar services etc). The feedback would be considered for the development of an APAC Hub Beta roadmap to be discussed at ICANN50 in London. The community is also welcome, should it wish to form a Working Group to discuss this.