As ALAC decided to file several Objections, various follow on activities are required of ALAC as the complainant.

(insert URLs of the objections here once they are available)

These activities are divided between those that are ALAC responsibility and those that would be the At-Large New gTLD Review Group responsibility.

The At-Large New gTLD Working group makes the following recommendations to the ALAC regarding this work:

ALAC Objections Team

The first task for ALAC is to create an ALAC Objections Team (AOT) to act in any discussion, e.g.negotiations or mediation, between ALAC and those applicants who have received objections from ALAC.  Roles and Responsibilities include:

Composition of the ALAC Objections Team

The ALAC Objections Team will be composed by six (6) At-Large Members and/or ALAC Members. The six members of the ALAC Objections Teams will be appointed by ALAC, drawn from the following:

Other criteria:

Review Group  Roles and Responsibilities

The Review Group should pick a team of knowledgeable members to serve as a research and back-up team for the ALAC Objections Team



ICC Page on Objections

At-Large New gTLD Review Group Workspace (At-Large new gTLD Applications Dashboard Workspacedashboard listing objections recommended to ALAC)