9 April 2013 - NCSG Open Membership Meeting at ICANN #46 in Beijing, China

13:30 - 15:30 (Beijing local = UTC/GMT +8 hours)   

Room: Function 9

Discussion Agenda

  1. Welcome and introductions from membership  [ 13:30 ]

  2. WHOIS Expert Working Group (aka "gtld Directory Services) [ 13:45 ]
    - Visit from Stephanie Perrin, member of ICANN's Expert Working Group on Whois 
     Background: ICANN Wiki on Expert Working Group

  3. ICANN Outreach and Engagement Efforts [ 14:15 ]
    - Visit from Sally Costerton, ICANN staff member responsible for outreach and stakeholder engagement

  4. Open membership discussion on growing trend at ICANN to replace the bottom-up community-led policy development process with top-down staff unilateralism   [ 14:45 ]

  5. ICANN's Accountability Transparency Review Team (ATRT-2)     [ 15:00 - 15:30 ]
    Visit from some members of ATRT-2.  NCSG members can ask questions of team and provide input into team's work on ways ICANN can improve its accountability, transparency and reliability in carrying out its mission.
    Background: ICANN wiki on ATRT2

Note: NCSG moves to Grand Hall A at 15:30 for NCSG's meeting with the ICANN Board of Directors

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