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This is the workspace of the Commercial and Business Users Constituency (BC) with practical information for BC members. 

This space will be updated regularly by the BC Secretariat, Benedetta Rossi, with up to date information regarding news of relevance to the BC.

What is the BC?

The Business Constituency (BC) is the voice of commercial Internet users within ICANN - the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is a global body with responsibility for certain policies that relate to the domain name system (DNS). Domain names are the names consumers and businesses rely upon to find websites for legitimate products and services on the Internet. 

Business users rely on a stable and secure Internet and ecommerce experience, one that serves their users and customers on a global basis. Through your participation in ICANN, and in the Business Constituency, your company will make a difference on behalf of business. 

The BC represents business of all types - multi-nationals, medium-size companies and small enterprises. One of the Constituency's strengths is its association membership - which extends BC outreach directly to over 50,000* companies and indirectly to over 1.5 million companies worldwide. Over 88% of these are small or medium enterprises (SMEs). For more information on the BC please visit the BC Web Site: www.bizconst.org

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Contents of the BC Wiki:

Face-to-Face Meeting Materials/Information: Here
BC Newsletter October 2011: Here
BC GNSO Chart October 2011: Here
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BC Executive Committee: Here

News @ the BC:

Upcoming BC Conference Calls TBD for 2012

File Drafted by BC Chair - Marilyn Cade - for BC Members Call on Jan. 10th 2012: Improvements to the new gTLD program

BC Officer Election Timeline Announced: elections will begin on the 23rd of January 2012. Announcement of the timeline will follow via email from the BC Secretariat.

News @ ICANN

ICANN Community to Meet and Greet in Washington, D.C., January 10

9 January 2012

Join ICANN for a Discussion on the Next Big .thing New Top-Level Domains and the Expanding Global Internet

9 January 2012

CEO Announces ICANN Stands Ready for New gTLD Launch

6 January 2012

Fellowship Application Round Opens for ICANN International Public Meeting 44 in Prague, Czech Republic

6 January 2012

Public Comment: Initial Report on Universal Acceptance of IDN TLDs

6 January 2012

Fellowship Program Brings Global Voices Together at ICANN

23 December 2011

Continued Operations Instrument Guidelines Available for New gTLD Applicants

23 December 2011

Comments? Suggestions? Please contact Benedetta Rossi, BC Secretariat: bc-secretariat@icann.org