The following RAA amendment topics have been discussed during the RAA negotiations:

A. Registrar Obligations/Duties

A.1       Malicious conduct – registrar duty to investigate

A.1.a    Prohibition of certain illegal, criminal or malicious conduct

A.1.b    Registrar obligations to collect, securely maintain and validate data

A.2       Designation and publication of technically competent point of contact on malicious conduct issues available 24/7 basis

A.3       Require greater disclosure of registrar contact information, information on form of business organization, officers, etc.

A.4       Require greater disclosure of registrar affiliates/multiple accreditations

A.5       Prohibition on registrar cybersquatting

A.6       Clarification of registrar responsibilities in connection with UDRP proceedings

A.7       Require registrars to report data breaches

B. Privacy & Proxy Services/Resellers

B.1       Obligations of privacy/proxy services made available in connection with registration re data escrow; Relay function; Reveal function


C.1       Require PCI compliance in registration process

C.2       Service Level Agreement on Whois availability

D. Contract Administration

D.1       Expand scope of authority to terminate accreditation


“LEA” – Law Enforcement Agencies
“RAA-DT” – Refers to the RAA Drafting Team which compiled the Final Report on improvements to the RAA 

Please refer to the specific WIKI page dedicated to each issue for information on each amendment topic.