1. ALAC to formally assign the following two Danny Y. comments to gTLD WG, chaired by Evan, during its 26 July meeting (as recommended by ExCom).
      1. “The ALAC needs to start its work on the ‘robust’ objection vetting process called for by the Guidebook (3.3.2).  Can we count on receiving senior ICANN Policy Staff support in this 
      2. “Different topic, but related to Staff Support requests -- from the Guidebook (3.3.2) Funding from ICANN for objection filing fees, as well as for advance payment of costs is available to the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC). Funding for ALAC objection filing and dispute resolution fees is contingent on publication by ALAC of its approved process for considering and making objections. At a minimum, the process for objecting to a gTLD application will require: bottom-up development of potential objections, discussion and approval of objections at the Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) level, and a process for consideration and approval of the objection by the At-Large Advisory Committee.  Will need senior policy staff to develop a robust process
    2. Staff to put the additional piece of work on the wiki as a sanction/chartered objective for the new gTLD workgroup.
    3. ExCom to consider the following AC Room chat comment from Danny Younger (it possibly should be asked of ICANN COO):  “The ALAC needs to start its work on the ‘robust’ objection vetting process called for by the Guidebook (3.3.2).  Can we count on receiving senior ICANN Policy Staff support in this endeavor?”
    4. AI: Draft and send a note to regional At-Large organization lists asking for expressions of interest into joining the gTLD group led by Evan which will deal specifically with the objections process called for by the guidebook.
  2. At-Large members to continue adding ideas regarding possible At-Large collaboration with the Registrars to the following two wiki pages:
    1. [Ideas for future ALAC-Registrar meetings|](What questions would ALAC members like asked of the Registrars?
    2. [Ideas for the content of educational materials to be developed by At-Large & Registrars|]
      1. In progress:  Staff has reminded Secretariats; Olivier to send reminder.
  3. Staff to arrange with IT Support editing rights (ability to delete comments) (a) for ExCom members to all At-Large wiki pages and (b) for owner of each wiki page to that page.
  4. Staff to ask IT Support (a) if there is a way to close a wiki page to new comments (perhaps even automatically on a certain date), while retaining the comments already present, and (b) if there is a way of turning on/off permissions without going through IT (perhaps function could be given to ALAC Chair and Vice-Chairs only).
  5. Cheryl to set up a wiki page for development of ALAC statement on IANA FNOI and to post on it first NOI statement.
    1. Draft [ICANN's Statement in response to the IANA Further Notice of Inquiry (FNOI)|]
  6. ALAC and Regional Leadership to subscribe to page-change notifications on See [ALAC Monthly Reports|] wiki page (so can immediately see when liaison and other monthly reports are updated). 
    1. NEW AI: Completed but Olivier has not yet received any notifications. Staff to double check and sure that this AI has been completed. 
  7. Olivier to inform Katim Touray, JAS WG, and GNSO of the ALAC’s plans/hopes to organize a multi-stakeholder (Board, At-Large, GAC, GNSO, etc.) call with the JAS WG to plan a meeting in Singapore. 
    1. Evan to organize small meeting with GAC representatives regarding new gTLD applicant support in Singapore
    2. Evan to (a) follow up with GAC re joint communiqué on applicant support and (b) send joint communiqué around to ALAC-Internal.
    3. Olivier to contact Heather (chair-to-chair) for status update re joint communiqué on applicant support.
    4. OCL to inform Stephan van Gelder and the JAS WG that Seth Greene, ALAC Staff, has been assigned to assist the JAS WG in drafting the final report
  8. ExCom, Olivier to draft an ALAC statement on ICANN FY 12 Security, Stability & Resiliency Framework (comment period ends 7 June 2011)[1|#_ftn1]
  9. Alan to draft and post ALAC statement on Proposed ICANN Process for Handling Requests for Removal of Cross-Ownership Restrictions for Existing gTLDs (comment period ends 1 June 11) – Initial draft completed; Alan to post final wording on 24 May* 
  10. Staff to write a brief statement on the Board-GAC working group*
  11. Edmon C. to write first draft of ALAC statement on Communication Plan for new gTLD program (public comment - How Do We Raise Global Awareness of New gTLDs? - is open until 15 July)*
  12. Scott Pinzon to provide his Project Profile.
  13. ExCom to follow up on issue introduced by Tijani regarding Draft FY12 Travel Support Guidelines:  ICANN airline bookings have been in seat classes that can not be upgraded with passenger’s own frequent flier miles
  14. Carlton S. to write first draft of At-Large statement regarding WHOIS Policy Review Team – Discussion Paper (comments open until 23 July)
    1. Staff to see if the vote has reached quorum.
      1. Yes it did
    2. Staff to see who has not votes
      1. Edmon Chung
  15. Eric B.-W. to write first draft of ALAC statement on the Preliminary Issue Report on the Current State of the UDRP (comments open until 15 July)
    1. Staff to let Olivier know if the vote has begun or when it will begin.
  16. Staff to subscribe to “watch” all Confluence pages as defense against spam
  17. Staff to update the ALS page.


  1. RALOs to decide on one representative to participate in group call with ICANN Legal regarding the RALO Bylaw changes the RALOs are considering
    1. Referred to RALOs and Secretariats
  2. Secretariats to decide best way(s) to develop specific, long-term strategic plan for outreach, with aim of getting funded:  on RALO agendas, on Secretariat agenda, or on a specific single-topic call 
    1. Referred to Secretariats


  1. LACRALO to put the questions it has developed onto the ALAC-Registrar [wiki: [Ideas for future ALAC-Registrar meetings|] ([Ideas for the content of educational materials to be developed by At-Large & Registrars|]) and have a call on each one of the RALO calls for this to happen. But the question may be a little unclear.
    1. Also in completed list / marked in progress too as a reminder to RALOs.
  2. ExCom members, during their RALO meetings, to encourage ALS observers in various meetings.
    1. In progress.
    2. NEW AI: ExCom members, during the various meetings, are to encourage all RALOS to mention the fact that meetings are open to all.
  3. Staff to update list of Cross-Constituency WGs on ALAC AG wiki page
    1. In progress
  4. Cheryl to manage winding up and archiving WGs to be closed, Matt to schedule time to work with Cheryl on this
    1. [At-Large Engagement in ICANN WG|]
    2. [At-Large Naming Issues Taskforce WG|]
    3. [Future Structure, Accountability and Transparency of ICANN WG|]
    4. [ccNSO / At-Large Coordination WG|]
    5. [At-Large IRT Process WG|]
  5. Beau to chair and repopulate [At-Large Registrants Rights and Responsibilities WG|]
    1. Beau to discuss Consumer Constituency aspects with Rosemary
  6. Carlton to chair and repopulate [At-Large WHOIS Policy WG|]
    1. In progress
  7. Gisella to synchronize At-Large’s calendar of events (external events, etc.) with Global Partnership’s calendar
    1. In progress
  8. ExCom to consider having interpretation on calls in which only 1-2 members request it
    1. In progress:  Overall strategy for archiving with interpretation/translation must be discussed at some point in future.  (Of course, ICANN operating language is English.)
    2. Note:  Even if interpretation not requested, must consider its usefulness for future archival purposes; it is true of translating transcripts, wiki and mailing-list work, etc.
  9. Tijani, Sylvia, and Sergio to determine which ALAC WGs need French and Spanish interpretation
    1. In progress:  Creating a list of calls
  10. ALAC to give Kurt and Carole feedback on the metrics regarding ALAC’s goals in the 2012-15 Strategic Plan
    1. In progress:  ExCom decided this is long-term activity, perhaps not done in time for 2012-15 Strategic Plan.
    2. Designated as to be completed in Dakar.
  11. ExCom to ask RALOs to come to Dakar with specific, long-term strategic plan for outreach, with aim of getting funded. It should include metrics (e.g., one ALS per country)*
  12. ALAC to try to develop specific, long-term strategic plan for outreach, with aim of getting funded.
    1. Should include metrics (e.g., one ALS per country)
    2. Could include outreach to developing economies regarding new gTLD program
    3. Could seek help from Kurt P. and Carole C. (especially regarding metrics)
    4. See [Session on 2012-15 Strategic Plan|]
    5. See [Development Timeline & Assumptions for 2012-15 Strategic Plan|]
    6. In progress:  ExCom decided this is long-term activity, perhaps not done in time for 2012-15 Strategic Plan; outreach issue perhaps need to be sent to RALOs and ALSes.
  13. ALAC to refine its goals regarding its advising of the Board (for possible inclusion in 2012-15 Strategic Plan and/or Board paper):
    1. Focus on how the Board accepts and responds to advice from the ALAC
    2. Include metrics regarding how much policy work ALAC does
    3. Include way of prioritizing ALAC statements for Board (possibilities include marking statements important enough for Board action, sending Board monthly/bimonthly list of ALAC statements, establishing list of topics about which the Board should consult with the ALAC)
    4. Could seek help from Kurt P.
    5. In progress
  14. ALAC to give Kurt its calendar corresponding to the 2012-15 Strategic Plan, for planning purposes
    1. In progress:  ALAC to inform Kurt once the At-Large calendar is up and running (the ALAC calendar is open, so Kurt will have access to it)
  15. Staff to identify each country from which At-Large members will be traveling to Dakar, along with Senegalese visa requirements for each
    1. In progress


  1. Staff to create a page up for the Dakar Meeting Agenda and have it devoted as a space where we place all items to be completed, ideas, etc.
    1. Completed
  2. Olivier to put out call for new member of WHOIS Review Team (need someone up to speed already).  Staff to make a poll to put the names in order of preference once the voting has been completed.
    1. Completed
  3. Staff to add a note to each RALO meeting agenda stating that calls are open to all members of the community.  
    1. Completed


  1. Staff to Ping Edmon to see if he has been getting the emails regarding the IDN Comment period.
  2. Staff to arrange for Kurt to be on the next ALAC call, if possible.
  3. Staff (Marilyn/Gisella) to send a doodle to the ExCom to see if they would like to change the day of the ExCom call – not the ExCom AC call – to another day of the week. If so, what day of the week?
  4. Once completed, staff to add Academic Program Update on the following wiki
    ----In good progress