Item remains on the Council agenda Item is to be completed but off the Council agendaItem completed


Entry Date (E)


Target Date (T)

Action Item

Responsible Council Member


Responsible Staff member

Additional Notes

NomCom RIWG recommendations


  • GNSO Councilors to encourage their SGs and Cs to review the NomCom RIWG recommendations and provide input by 31 January 2020

Additional Budget Requests


  • Councilors to consider whether existing ABRs continue to make sense and to consider whether additional ABRs should be submitted.
  • Staff to add to 19 December GNSO Council meeting agenda
  • GNSO Council to review ABRs by 31 January 2020

Active Project List


  • GNSO Council Leadership to review draft February GNSO Council agenda and assess if there is sufficient time to comprehensively review the project list. If the February agenda does not have sufficient time for this item, GNSO Support Staff to identify a separate meeting time for comprehensive project list review.

Approval & adoption of DT's New Templates and Guidelines for the GNSO as a DP in the EC.


  • Council leadership to consider and decide whether to schedule a meeting for ICANN67 to go over some of the new processes and templates in detail with the GNSO community. To discuss during SPS January 2020.
  • ICANN staff to post the guidelines and motion templates on the GNSO’s website effective immediately upon adoption, after the technical update has been completed.

Evolution of the Multi stakeholder Model of Governance



  • Staff to investigate the anticipated timing, funding and expected deliverables for the Evolution of the Multi stakeholder Model of Governance project. 
  • ICANN staff to invite Brian Cute to a future Council meeting
  • Rafik Dammak to invite Brian Cute to future PDP 3.0 meeting to make sure to not create overlapping work on the Evolution of the MSM
  • PDP3.0 small team to draft response to Public Comment and submit to Council for review.  Consider inviting Brian once the Public Comment closes.
  • If applicable, ccNSO and GNSO to form joint team to identify any commonalities or differences. Also look at budget and 5 year strategic plan.

Managing IDN Variants TLDs


  • Staff to develop options paper to support small group efforts
  • GNSO Chair to send message to Council list to expand volunteer pool expertise beyond Council. Small team to consider and propose scope of holistic IDN review, prior to outreach with ccNSO. (Volunteers: Rubens Kuhl, Maxim Alzoba, Philippe Fouquart, Edmon Chung, Michele Neylon) (Small team believes it has requisite expertise and adequate volunteers)
  • GNSO Chair to email Katrina Sataki to inform her of immediate next steps and willingness determine the best coordination method between the GNSO and ccNSO.
  • Once GNSO small team is able to gain an understanding of the scope of effort and potential vehicle for resolution, ICANN staff to schedule call to identify structure for coordination between the GNSO and ccNSO. GNSO and ccNSO to identify where coordination is and is NOT needed. 
  • ICANN staff to reach out to Maarten Simon and Philippe Fouquart to determine if they are willing to lead action items above. (Both Maarten and Philippe are members of the scoping team)
  • ICANN staff to investigate format for JIG and see if it may be fit for purpose. (Upon review, this letter concerning the closure of the JIG was found. It will be discussed by the Council small team.)
  • ICANN Staff to ensure that GNSO liaison(s) are assigned to the IDN ccPDP, when the ccNSO initiates that effort
  • ICANN Staff to investigate who (e.g., Council liaison, other)
  • Council leadership to support coordination between SubPro leadership and ccNSO to discuss string similarity.

Steve Chan Ariel Liang

Regarding the JIG format, the small team is not ready to look at that yet. but it's on their radar.

EPDP phase 1 recommendations


  • Council to, in consultation with the EPDP team, write communication to ICANN Board and seek to secure board support for Rec #12.
  • Councilors to reach out to their respective SG/Cs to help inform the drafting of the letter to the Board; seek to finalize by 29 July 2019. If the need arises, Council leadership to convene small team to help further develop the letter.
  • Councilors to work to complete the letter, which may include integrating elements such as: When the letter references that some Councilors having dissenting views, that the group holding those dissenting views are identified. Add clarity about the ask of the ICANN Board (e.g., confirm that the Board and Council have a common understanding).
  • Rafik Dammak to confirm when recommendation one, purpose 2 will be expected to be discussed by the EPDP phase 2
  • Council (via its Liaison to the EPDP Team) to draft note in order to consult with the EPDP Team to determine how best to address Board concerns, which the Council has suggested could affirm the recommendation by providing new, or highlighting existing rationale, and providing implementation guidance that may mitigate concerns expressed by the ICANN Board. This consultation may serve as a consideration for Council’s engagement with the ICANN Board at ICANN66, if available.
  • Council leadership to draft proposed implementation guidance, which can follow the guidance related to the administrative contact.
  • GNSO Chair to communicate the Supplemental Recommendation to the ICANN Board, including the vote result of the GNSO Council Supermajority supporting the Supplemental Recommendation
  • ICANN org letter - EPDP Phase 1 Recommendation 28GNSO Council leadership, in coordination with ICANN staff, to draft a response to the ICANN Org letter and share the draft with the Council by January 2020 Council meeting.

Marika Konings Nathalie Peregrine

GNSO Council leads & RPM co-chairs call


  • Interested GNSO Council Members to send questions for RPM Co-Chairs to Council Leadership. Questions due by Wednesday 29 January. 
  • RPM Support staff to check with co-chairs  if Flip Petillion can observe the call.

Addendum to the Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs Charter to Integrate Rec 5 From IGO-INGO Access to Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms Final Report


  • ICANN staff to circulate a call of volunteers to see if additional members want to join the small team.
  • Council & small team (Martin Valent, John McElwaine) to review edits from the GAC by the end of November 2019 and to provide a final Addendum for a vote on the December 2019 Council meeting.
  • Staff to schedule small team call
  • GNSO Councilors to ask additional questions and/or provide comments about the proposed charter addendum on the GNSO Council list before 13 January 2020. 
  • GNSO Council small team, in consultation with the GNSO Council leadership, to finalize the charter addendum and submit the final version to the GNSO Council no later than 13 January 2020
  • GNSO Secretariat to inform GAC leadership of vote result

GNSO Mentor ICANN Fellowship Program


  • GNSO Secretariat to communicate resolved #1 to staff supporting the ICANN Fellowship Program. 
  • GNSO Secretariat to inform the nominated candidate that he or she has been selected. 
  • GNSO Secretariat to send a response to those applicants who were not nominated, thanking them for their interest and encouraging them to apply for future opportunities as they arise. 
  • GNSO Secretariat to inform SSC of confirmation of Chair and Vice-Chair 
Nathalie Peregrine

GNSO Council Additional Budget Requests (ABRs)



  • GNSO Councilors to provide ideas/suggestions, if any, for FY21 ABRs on list, in time for the Council review of potential ABRs during its January 2020 meeting. FY21 ABR submissions are due at the end of January 2020.

GNSO SPS 2020 


  • GNSO Council leadership to send the detailed proposed agenda for SPS 2020 on list by Friday, 20 December.
  • All GNSO Councilors to participate in a Pre-SPS webinar in January 2020 as part of the preparation.
  • GNSO Councilors to read all relevant materials/documents (e.g., PDP 3.0 implementation documents, GNSO guidelines related to its role & responsibility in the Empowered Community) ahead of SPS 2020
  • GNSO Councilors to review the entire Project List document as part of the homework for the SPS 2020 preparation

PDP updates


  • Council leadership to propose path forward to obtain clarification / provide view concerning intersection between the Name Collisions Analysis Project and SubPro PDP
  • ICANN Staff to consider timing for GNSO Policy webinar (e.g., two weeks prior). ICANN Staff to consider suggested changes to slide format raised during meeting.
  • Council leadership to provide guidance to SubPro PDP on how to navigate interdependent topics (e.g., assumptions doc, string similarity, IDN Variants) and potentially dependent PDPs (e.g., RPMs).
  • Council leadership to draft a note to the ICANN Board on NCAP.
  • SubPro/ccNSO coordination on string similarity (Jeff Neuman , Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Giovanni Seppia)

Confirmation GNSO appointee CCWG Auction Proceeds 


  • ICANN Staff to inform the Chair and support staff of the CCWG Auction Proceeds the confirmation of Anne Aikman-Scalese as on the GNSO appointees
Nathalie Peregrine

GNSO Representative to the Empowered Community Administration


  • ICANN Staff to inform the Empowered Community Administration the confirmation of Keith Drazek as the GNSO Representative to the Empowered Community Administration
Nathalie Peregrine

2018 Strategic Planning Session (SPS) Action Items

SPS SegmentEntry DateAction ItemResponsible PartyAdditional Notes
Role and responsibilities of Council leadership
  • Council to consider whether existing mechanisms provide for sufficient opportunity to conduct “emergency” consultations to allow for GNSO Chair to gather input on certain topics and/or decisions that need to be taken. 
  • Council members to provide leadership team with feedback on leadership team’s performance & actions on a regular basis. 
  • Current Council Chair (Heather Forrest) to provide report at the end of her term outlining main challenges / concerns / recommendations in fulfilling the role. 
  • Council to consider whether Council leadership should have a contract / letter of appointment that would outline role, responsibilities and expectations. 

Changes to GNSO Operating Procedures and related governance documents to facilitate participation in Empowered Community

What does Council need/want to achieve in 2018, and how to do this?

  • Donna Austin to share comments on scheduling of cross-community discussions with the GNSO Council.
  • Staff to keep project timing planning document up to date and share it with the Council prior to every ICANN meeting to facilitate review and oversight of timelines. Explore whether there is a more dynamic way in which the document can be publicly shared. 
  • Council leadership to reach out to leadership of Curative Rights and Reconvened WG on RCRC to see whether it is feasible to deliver Final Reports within 6-month timeframe.
  • Council leadership to notify ICANN Board with regards to PDPs that are expected to deliver to finalize their report shortly so that concerns or issues can be raised prior to GNSO Council consideration. 
  • Council leadership to request update from GNSO-appointed members to RDS Review Team at upcoming GNSO Council meeting.
  • Council to explore mechanisms and tools for monitoring / reviewing costs related to PDP WGs with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Council members to review framework for post-implementation reviews and provide input. Council leadership to add this to an upcoming Council meeting agenda to continue this discussion. Council to consider forming a small group of volunteers to work with staff on further developing the framework. 

2019 Strategic Planning Session (SPS) Action Items

SPS SegmentEntry DateAction ItemResponsible PartyAdditional Notes
Role and responsibilities of GNSO more broadly
  • For the section 3.6 Speaking at Meetings of the GNSO Operating Procedures, Council to consider revising this section since it is not strictly enforced.
  • Council leadership and staff to consider documenting the internal operating procedures of the leadership team. Create a Chair/Vice-chair handbook, to help understand role and responsibilities.
  • Council leadership to make the Council meeting planning document public, to both help Councilors stay informed about upcoming topics, but to seek their input for meeting preparation.
  • Staff to investigate if the GNSO can serve as a Slack guinea pig in the already existing pilot effort within ICANN org. The use of Slack would be incumbent on a review of this platform first to understand how its threads would be archived and what level of access ICANN org would have to privileged or private communications between members. The GNSO Council will discuss whether document drafting can take place in Slack, but because the Council highly values transparency and accountability, the Council agreed that documents would need to be circulated on the archived email list to ensure that they are properly incorporated into the public record.
  • Council leadership to liaise with the Nominating Committee to understand from Appointees and Panelists, what works, what does not within the process, and better understand how the selection process takes place. Councilors to investigate how NCAs can be better informed; identify what communications they might not be receiving.

How to manage Council’s 2019 workload: strategies to increase effectiveness
  • Erika Mann to send note to Council upon the adoption of the new copyright law and the potential impact on GNSO policy work / DNS.
  • Council to form a small team to work on the definitions in the Project Timing Document in relation to definitions of priority and level of effort.
  • Staff to update Project Timing Document to try and incorporate suggestions from Councilors.

Wrap up and close of session
  • Staff to identify what are low-hanging fruit in the PDP 3.0 implementation plan. Prioritize/color-code. Identify dependencies (e.g., reporting is needed prior to evaluation).
  • Recurring: Small team of Councilors / Council leadership to report progress of PDP 3.0 at each Council meeting. Establish project plan for implementation for PDP 3.0. (Action Item taken on board by the PDP 3.0 small team)
  • In order to better prioritize work, need to know capacity of Council, community, staff, Staff to get existing information from Berry Cobb about average commitment and Council to see if that can be utilized, leveraged, and/or updated.
    • Reviewed prior version from 2017 and must be refreshed to be useful  
  • Staff to check if ICANN legal has looked into the insurance for WG members question.

What does Council need/want to achieve in 2019, and how to do this?

  • As part of PDP 3.0, Council to establish PDPs Chair(s)/ liaisons communication / reporting timelines and requirements to Council.
  • Council to consider adding request for website upgrade to the Council comment to the FY20 budget.
  • Council to consider how to better understand the specific resourcing needs of PDP WGs (e.g., SCBO to meet with PDP leadership in August of every year).

What is the GNSO Council and what does it do?

  • Council to seek to map out timing elements for utilizing the nine powers held by the EC. Consider if and how an emergency community consultation mechanism can be integrated. (Note: the GNSO Bylaws Drafting Team is in the midst of addressing this item. Target for delivery date is post-ICANN65)
  • Council to go through examples/scenarios to see how the EC powers can be utilized. This should include going down into the SG/C level of detail. (see DT Timeline and Background Documents)

PDP 3.0 - Sub-group presentation and wrap-up

  • Small group of Councilors to continue work of the sub-groups to make specific PDP 3.0 implementation recommendations. Council to agree to working methods. (Action Item taken on board by the PDP 3.0 small team)

Role and responsibilities of Council Liaisons

  • Council to consider whether Consensus Policy Implementation Framework (CPIF) needs to be reevaluated as it relates to guidance for Council liaisons to IRTs, avoiding relitigation of policy issues, and escalation of issues (noting that the Policy & Implementation recommendations adopted in 2015 state that the recommendations, including the CPIF, should be evaluated after at most 5 years). (Action Item taken on board by the PDP 3.0 small team)
  • Council to consider options for enhancing the WG participation model, including terms for participation that members must agree to. (Action Item taken on board by the PDP 3.0 small team)

PDP 3.0 - General Discussion on three Improvements (#2, #5, & #13)

  • Staff to prepare a comparison table for the proposed Working Group models, which could include several factors: membership eligibility, operating procedures, decision-making, communicating decision-making, urgency/timing (e.g., prioritization). Consider creating pros/cons as well.

Lunch with the Board

  • Council leadership to follow up on status of RPMs litigation threats.
  • Council leadership to get Council input on the Board initiatives for discussion in Kobe.


  • Council leadership team to send “thank you” note to Becky Burr for her presentation and James Bladel for his facilitation assistance.

Other Council Related Action Items

TopicEntry DateAction ItemResponsible PartyAdditional Notes

Nominating Committee (NomCom) Review Implementation Planning Team (IPT).


  • Staff to advise how to provide input to the NomCom about GNSO NomCom appointees, also what the GNSO Operating Procedures say with respect to the NomCom appointee.
Steve Chan