Document: FINAL DRAFT with final comments included (Version_5)

This is the document which is voted on:

EURALO Articles of Association 2019 document was approved :  As at Poll close: Wednesday 30 October 2019 23:59 UTC
Number of voters: 28 · Group size: 38 · Percentage voted: 73.68
82.14 % voted YES
17.86 % Abstained 

According to the 2011  rules:

"11.18 Resolutions of the General Assembly in general require the simple majority of those present or voting; abstentions shall not count as a vote. Amendments of these Articles of Association require a majority of two thirds of all votes; to change the aim of The Association or to dissolve The Association a majority of three fourths of all votes is necessary.​"

With RED-LINE changes between latest Draft Version_5 and Draft below Version_4:

 Document : FINAL DRAFT (Version_4)

Open for comments until Friday 18 October 2019 at 23:59 UTC 

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