08:37:43 From Yesim Nazlar : Welcome to the APRALO Monthly Call taking place on Thursday, 22 August 2019 at 06:00 UTC
08:37:51 From Yesim Nazlar : Agenda: https://community.icann.org/x/YqyjBg
08:48:44 From Amrita : hello everyone
08:51:00 From Suhaidi Hassan ISOC-MY : Hello all
08:51:18 From Lianna Galstyan : Hello Suhaidi
08:51:43 From Suhaidi Hassan ISOC-MY : Hi Lianna,
08:53:54 From pavanbudhrani : hi all!
08:54:26 From Suhaidi Hassan ISOC-MY : hi paavan
08:58:33 From silvia.vivanco : Hello all
08:59:08 From silvia.vivanco : Welcome
09:00:11 From Priyatosh Jana : Hi all
09:00:23 From gunela : Hi everyone
09:00:32 From Jay Paudyal : Good morning all from India
09:00:42 From Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi : Hi all :)
09:03:07 From Jenna Fung : Apology everyone, this is Jenna Fung from NetMission.Asia, sorry to be late for the call
09:03:37 From León : Hello everyone
09:03:58 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : We are just starting @Jenna
09:04:03 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Wecome Leon
09:04:10 From León : Thanks Cheryl
09:04:38 From Syuzan : Greetings from Yerevan
09:04:46 From Justine Chew : Hello. I'm on audio only today - multi-tasking at work.
09:05:21 From silvia.vivanco : Welcome to Internet Governance Institute and new Individuals to APRALO!
09:07:16 From silvia.vivanco : ALAC At-Large Review Implementation Working Group (ARIWG):https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=90768808
09:10:09 From Satish Babu : Welcome Léon!
09:10:56 From silvia.vivanco : Welcome Leon
09:12:26 From Tomohiro Fujisaki : sorry for joining late.
09:12:51 From silvia.vivanco : Welcome Tomohiro
09:13:10 From silvia.vivanco : ALAC Public consultations page: https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=102139172
09:17:24 From silvia.vivanco : CPWG: https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=82411661
09:18:16 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/2019-08-21+Consolidated+Policy+Working+Group+Call
09:18:41 From Amrita : Congratulations to Justine . Much deserved.
09:18:42 From Lianna Galstyan : Warm congratulations Justine!
09:18:54 From Amrita : i dont think she is in the call today
09:18:55 From León : A great addition to the ALAC
09:19:40 From Cherie Lagakali : congratulations Justine
09:19:42 From Justine Chew : @Amrita, I'm here but can't speak as I'm multi-tasking at work.
09:19:48 From Suhaidi Hassan ISOC-MY : Congratulations to Justine!
09:19:50 From Justine Chew : Thank you all!
09:19:52 From Yasuichi Kitamura (ALS-Japan) : sorry
09:20:09 From Yasuichi Kitamura (ALS-Japan) : i didn’t check if mic was on or not
09:20:18 From Amrita : ah ok Justine :)
09:22:02 From Justine Chew : Please join Cheryl, Holly, Maureen, and others on CPWG. We have fun there too!
09:24:59 From Mili : congrats Justine... I hope you will coach next gen members like me with hard-to-understand policy matters
09:25:43 From Justine Chew : THANK YOU Cheryl! Excellent rahrah :) I need help
09:25:49 From Amrita : The women brigade of APRALO.
09:26:00 From Amrita : Thanks for the update Cheryl
09:26:41 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : i also support Chyril of engagement and also response to the surveys that stem from the CPWG
09:27:13 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/APRALO/APRALO+ROPs+Review+WG
09:27:15 From Justine Chew : RoP = Rules of Procedure
09:27:17 From Ali AlMeshal : sorry for late joining internet issue
09:28:09 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Also do note with the CPWG there is also great uodate materials available, a new charter being developed to help you inderstand how our policy is developed nbottom up and *how* it must include **your** voice ;-) and most importantly that the work is also done via wiki pages so that even if you can ponly make 1 out of every 3-4 calls of the CPWG you can asynchronously contribute at your own time and opportunity ... SO PLEASE contribute!
09:28:58 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : who knows we may be praising your name in the same way you hear us praise Justine in the near future if you do :-)
09:29:37 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : The APRALO Rules of Procedure WG can be a helpful subgroup of one of the ARIWG activities, so I encourage you to join it
09:30:11 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : and all of us 'oldies' in Policy are always there to help you in your journey just reach out to us...
09:30:31 From silvia.vivanco : RALO General Assemblies schedule: https://community.icann.org/display/CRALO/RALO+General+Assembly+Schedule+-+FY21-FY24
09:31:40 From silvia.vivanco : BMSPC:https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Board+Member+Selection+Process+Committee+%28BMSPC%29+-+2019-2020
09:32:10 From silvia.vivanco : BCEC: https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Board+Candidate+Evaluation+Committee+%28BCEC%29+-+2019-2020
09:32:59 From Justine Chew : Thanks Silvia for highlighting the full names of BMSPC and BCEC
09:33:15 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : I don't need to be prudent Leon I am delighted with your service as a Member of the Board in seat #15 and I sincerly hope the electorate (which is the ALAC and a vote from each RALO cast by the Chair or their alternate) have the good sense to return you for a second term....
09:35:07 From León : Thank you very much Cheryl!
09:35:52 From León : APRALO has been key to my performance and always very supportive of working as a team so I am always grateful to you all
09:37:23 From silvia.vivanco : ATLAS III: https://community.icann.org/display/ATLAS3/At-Large+Summit+III+Home
09:37:53 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : +1León on APRALO community
09:38:08 From León : Thanks Nadira!
09:38:21 From Justine Chew : The ATLAS III Leadership Development Team did a hell of a job in drawing up the selection criteria for supported participants :)
09:38:43 From Justine Chew : hell = excellent
09:40:41 From Lianna Galstyan : That was an excellent team work indeed
09:40:50 From silvia.vivanco : https://community.icann.org/display/ATLAS3/ATLAS+III+Funded+Travelers
09:41:06 From Satish Babu : Agree with Justine on the criteria selection process.
09:42:06 From Satish Babu : Great to note that one-third of the selection list from our region!!
09:43:55 From Justine Chew : Metrics! :)
09:45:25 From Lianna Galstyan : :)
09:49:04 From Yesim Nazlar : noted Satish
09:49:20 From Amal Al-saqqaf, ISOC-Yemen : great! interesting program for ATLASIII
09:51:40 From Justine Chew : Hello Syuzan
09:52:11 From Aris Ignacio : Welcome Syuzan! 
09:52:14 From silvia.vivanco : Warm welcome to Susan
09:52:30 From Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi : Welcome Syuzan :-)
09:53:37 From Satish Babu : Thanks Syuzan and good to hear from you. Welcome to the APRALO community!
09:53:54 From Justine Chew : Council of Europe? Cool.
09:54:26 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : Very handy..
09:55:01 From Nadira AL-ARAJ : Things to discuss how individual members are also Members of ALS
09:55:58 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : thank you Syuzan
09:57:35 From Justine Chew : Thank you very much for your service on NomCom, Nadira!
09:57:38 From silvia.vivanco : https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2019-08-19-en
09:57:54 From silvia.vivanco : Congratulations Justine
09:57:57 From Lianna Galstyan : Thanks Syuzan for joining us and also for your introduction.
09:58:00 From Amrita : +1 Justine
09:58:07 From Syuzan : thanj
09:58:25 From Syuzan : k you for the opportunity
09:58:32 From Ali AlMeshal : well deserved Justine
10:00:56 From Lianna Galstyan : Thanks Nadira and once again congratulations to Justine.
10:01:09 From Maureen Hilyard (ALAC) : Great work Nadira
10:01:37 From Priyatosh Jana : Congrats Justine
10:01:49 From Amal Al-saqqaf, ISOC-Yemen : congrats Justine!
10:01:52 From Mili : thank you for the updates. sorry need to leave for another meeting.
10:02:02 From Prateek : Congrats Justine!
Great work Nadira.
10:02:41 From Priyatosh Jana : Great effort Nadira
10:02:51 From Justine Chew : @Leon, please do let us know about Board's deliberation on GPI. Very interested in that.
10:03:08 From León : Will do @Justine
10:03:17 From León : A document will be published shortly
10:03:36 From Amrita : Please share the ALS updates by 28th Aug
10:03:42 From Amrita : for the newsletter
10:03:56 From Justine Chew : Thanks all, bye.
10:03:58 From Jay Paudyal : thank you all and host
10:03:58 From Lianna Galstyan : Thanks everyone and bye.
10:03:58 From Cheryl Langdon-Orr : Bye for now... We started a few minutes late though
10:03:58 From Ali AlMeshal : thanks all
10:03:59 From León : thanks everyone!
10:04:02 From Satish Babu : Thanks and bye!
10:04:03 From Amal Al-saqqaf, ISOC-Yemen : thanks all! Bye
10:04:05 From silvia.vivanco : Thank you all
10:04:05 From pavanbudhrani : Thanks everyone! goodday
10:04:06 From Priyatosh Jana : thank you bye bye
10:04:06 From silvia.vivanco : bye
10:04:06 From Aris Ignacio : thanks everyone! bye! 
10:04:09 From gunela : Thanks and bye
10:04:14 From Prateek : Thanks all
10:04:18 From Tomohiro Fujisaki : bye
10:04:18 From Amrita : Thanks a lot and bye
10:04:21 From Mahee Kirindigoda Sri Lanka : bye all