1. Review of ICANN65 GAC Advice
  2. Next steps for ATRT3
  3. Reminder of small team activities:
    1. Input on the IRP Standing Panel (Volunteers: Flip, Elsa)
    2. IDNs (Volunteers: Rubens, Maxim, Philippe, Edmon)

                                                               i.      Seek additional volunteers outside of Council at this stage? If so, how?

    1. CCT-RT Recommendations (Volunteers: Pam)
    2. IGO-INGO Charter Drafting (Volunteers: Martin, Elsa, Paul)
  1. Correspondence and proposed next steps for:
    1. Request for Clarification on Data Accuracy and Phase-2 of the Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) on the Temporary Specification for gTLD Registration Data
    2. ICANN org's preparation toward implementation of a new round of gTLDs (assumptions document)
  2. ICANN66 Meeting Planning 
    1. Whether to have an informal dinner (and volunteer to organize if yes)
    2. Input to leadership for planning purposes
  3. AOB
    1. Council liaison replacement (Reconvened WG on Red Cross- IRT: Currently Keith)
    2. Reminder - Attend Impacts of EPDP Phase 1 session from 15:15-16:45 (https://65.schedule.icann.org/meetings/1058195)