Monday, 24 June

At-Large: Welcome to ICANN65 and Policy Priorities (EE)

Joint NCUC-At-Large Outreach: Policy at ICANN demystified (EE)


The ALAC/GAC Capacity Building Focus Group: Capacity Building Initiatives (EE)

At-Large: Development of the ALAC Hot Policy Topics Document (EE)

At-Large Outreach and Engagement Subcommittee Meeting (EE)


Tuesday, 25 June

At-Large Policy Workshop: Geo Names (EE)

At-Large Capacity Building Workshop – An Introduction to Policy Development at ICANN (EE/SV)

Wednesday, 26 June

At Large Universal Acceptance (UA) Kickoff (EE)

At-Large Internet Governance Issues and Rightscon Update (EE)

ALAC / At-Large Community interaction and input to ATRT3 (EE)

At-Large Workshop on Consumer Safeguards Issues (EE)

Thursday, 27 June

At-Large Leadership Wrap Up of ICANN65 (EE)

At-Large Policy Debrief - what impact did At-Large make this week? (EE)

At-Large Review of ICANN65 and Planning for ICANN66