TLD Monitoring Tools

Last update: July 5, 2017


The TLD-OPS standing committee is sharing this list of TLD Monitoring tools.  These tools may be useful in the advent of a security incident to remotely assist in determining the status of a TLD.  Note: Some of the URL are .CA specific and should be replaced with your TLD.


If you have a TLD monitoring tool that is not on the list below, please share with the committee and we will gladly add.


Please take some time to look at the tools below, some you might like, some not, some provide real time status, some have history, some are commercial that offer free services to TLDs, but knowing what is available before a security incident occurs can save valuable time in isolating the root cause and developing a response plan.





DNSSEC Status Checker:


ZONEMASTER Implementations:


Various DNS Configuration: = [your TLD]



Need an API key to query SDF reputation database

  • OpenPhish Premium (need account)


This list is available online at :


TLD-OPS Standing Committee