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How do we join audio?

Attendees can join a Zoom meeting using the following methods:

         Phone call - a dial in number is provided along with a meeting ID

         Computer audio (a good USB headset is recommended)

         Call me - Zoom will dial out to you on the number you provide (please remember to select the correct country code)



Zoom VoIP audio quality is excellent. We advise you to try to connect via your computer audio first and revert to the telephone connection if necessary.

Can we still receive dial outs?

Yes. Please provide number to support staff, including country code.



Will we still use Adigo?

Zoom has an integrated audio bridge. However, where warranted, Adigo may still be used.


How do we stop sharing in full screen mode when staff changes the document?



Go to View Options and adjust to the desired format.


Can I see the chat history for a meeting before I join the meeting?

No. You will see the chat content from the moment you connect only. But the entire chat transcript will be circulated by staff at the end of the call.


This issue has been raised to Zoom.


Will meetings start earlier to allow for participants to familiarize themselves with the new tool?


Yes. If you ask staff, they would be more than happy to open the room early so you can familiarize yourself with layout, participant controls, test audio, etc.

Staff will also hold 5-minute Zoom introductions at the beginning of conference calls should Chairs request so, to ensure all are comfortable with the new tool.




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How are raised hands displayed?


Hands are displayed in the order they were raised. Correct order can be seen by hosts and attendees.

Hosts and co-hosts cannot, for now, raise their hands. Zoom has been notified and is looking into it.


Can I raise my hand if I am on the phone only?

Yes, using DTMF tones on your phone:


*9 Toggle raise/lower hand



Can I scroll the document?

No. The documents in Zoom are displayed via screen share and individual scrolling is not possible, but documents can still be shared. See next row.


Can I send and receive files through Zoom?

Yes. In the meeting, click “Chat” → “More” → Share file in meeting. You will then be prompted to select a document.









As a participant, how do I provide non-verbal feedback?

Non-verbal feedback must be enabled by the person who scheduled the meeting.


In meeting:

         Click on the “participants” icon


         Click on one of the icons (you can only have one active icon at a time)


         The selected icon will then appear next to you name





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What other things can I do as a participant?

Participants have access to (controls are at the bottom of the screen):

         Non-verbal feedback in chat window (see above)

         Mute / Unmute

         Start / Stop video


         View chat

         Save chat

         View Participant list

         Invite others

         Share screen (must be allowed by host)

         If multiple share is being utilized, participants can toggle between views under “view options”


What does the padlock in the corner of my meeting mean?

A padlock indicates your meeting is encrypted, providing an extra layer of security