This is to express my interest in continuing my service as a member of the EURALO Board.


In my EoI for the EURALO Board position two years ago, I said, “I would promote   ALS’s playing   a bigger role in contributing to the policy work of At Large”.  In 2016-2017, the EURALO Task Force on ALS engagement that I chaired, mapped the expertise areas of EURALO ALS’es (including individual members), identified individual experts and started the practice of involving them in the drafting of EURALO/ALAC advice.   This system devised in EURALO was seen as worth emulating in other RALO’s.


I would like to continue this work  with the ALS’es and individual members on the EURALO Board 2018-2019.  In addition to engaging them into the ICANN policy  work, I would like to look for ways how to  enhance their role in their national multistakeholder contexts.


My professional background is in newspaper and television journalism, internet-assisted public diplomacy and internet governance, the latter starting with my involvement in the WSIS 2005, where I was in charge of coordinating the Finnish participation. I was the Finnish representative to the GAC, as well as to relevant ITU bodies in 2006-2009. After leaving the government, I served six years on EURALO/ALAC’s behalf on ICANN’s NomCom, which I chaired in 2013. I’m currently the ALAC Liaison to the GAC and a member of the Work Track 5 of the new gTLD Subsequent Procedures Working Group.


I have served five years as the President of the Internet Society Finland Chapter, which is the Finnish ALS.  I’m currently  an alternative member of its Board.