Expression of Interest for the EUralo Chair Position (2019- 2021)


I have participated, as Internet Society France, in the process of formation of EURALO. I am one of the signing members of the MOU between ICANN and Euralo. I do care about our organization and its future.

I have decided not to apply to be return to ALAC and to apply for the Euralo Chair position, for, among other, the following reasons:

ALAC needs to have new blood (and I am happy that Matthias Hudobnik has accepted the nomination), to bring new ideas and shack the structure,

With the departure of Olivier, I was considering, as one of the old timers, to stay engaged,

After discussion with other people there where not too many candidates for that position


I hope that you will also support the other people I have suggested to join the EUralo leaders for the next term. It is important to help a real team work. It will be one of my goal.

We need to follow the previous leaders and give possibility to new people to be more engaged in the EUralo work.

ATLAS III will help in that direction.


I hope we will be able to do a good job at EUralo level with all the ALSes including the one with individual Internet end-users. A good collaboration with other RALOs, with ALAC and with our European partners (RIPE NCC, Centr, European Governments (Commission, council….).

One World, One Internet, One Euralo.


All the best


Sebastien Bachollet