Welcome to Los Angeles and thank you for making the considerable time commitment to participate in the first “Intersessional” Meeting of the ICANN GNSO Non Contract Community!


This two-day meeting is bringing together 43 non-contract community leaders from the GNSO.  It’s a healthy mix of ICANN   veterans and several new participants who will be enjoying their first ICANN meeting experience. I hope you will find it a productive couple of days.


One of the purposes of the meeting is to create the opportunity - outside of the pressures and schedule strains of an ICANN Public Meeting - to discuss longer-range substantial community issues, build relationships and collaborate with each other, as well as Senior ICANN Staff, on strategic and operational issues that impact your community.     We look forward to active dialogue and a productive exchange of information and ideas.


This meeting is a “pilot” effort identified by the ICANN Board in the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget.  The meeting is a byproduct of several different meeting requests made by various communities that could not be granted individually.


With many different meeting expectation and viewpoints, creating a program agenda has been no small task and we appreciate the good will and creative contributions made by several planning volunteers (including Marilyn Cade, Robin Gross, Michael Adams, Alain Berranger, Bill Drake, Tony Holmes, Steve Metalitz, Klaus Stoll and Marc Trachtenberg) to make this gathering a productive experience for all.


The packet you have received includes information you’ll need to get back and forth to the ICANN office and to help plan your schedule for the next few days.  The office is a short walk from the hotel, but you may wish to take advantage of the shuttle service on Tuesday morning to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood.  I also hope you’ll join us on Tuesday evening at 7:30 for a cocktail reception in the Culver Club of the Double Tree Hotel.


I hope you will take full advantage of the discussions, networking and learning while you are here in Los Angeles. I look forward to seeing you bright and early on Tuesday morning in the ICANN Café.




David Olive