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Title of Proposed Activity

Fixing the bugs in ICANN’s machine translation tool used for the LACRALO mailing lists

Community Requestor Name



Alan Greenberg

ICANN Staff Community Liaison


Nathalie Peregrine/Heidi Ullrich





1. Activity: Please describe your proposed activity in detail

LACRALO has two mailing lists:

LACRALO list in English: http://atlarge­­discuss­en/ LACRALO list in Spanish: http://atlarge­­discuss­es/


Emails in English sent to lac­discuss­en@atlarge­ are machine translated via ICANN's custom program using Google Translate and posted to lac­discuss­es@atlarge­


Similarly, emails in Spanish sent to the lac­discuss­es@atlarge­ are translated and posted to lac­discuss­en@atlarge­ .


However, since 2008, ICANN’s custom software has many severe bugs which has led to very severe difficulties in communication and collaboration with the English and Spanish speaking communities in the LAC region. The bugs include very garbled emails and useless subject lines.


See PDF presentation by the At­Large Technology Taskforce (TTF ; ) for the ICANN53 meeting which has worked to follow this issue with ICANN Staff, including documenting the various LACRALO mailing list issues at


The key issue is that ICANN has not allocated the resources to fix this software tool in a timely manner. Senior staff have not given this critical communication tool the priority it deserves. The continuing lack of an effective tool to allow EN and ES speakers within LACRALO to communicate with each other has contributed to challenging situation within LACRALO.






It is clear that a dedicated IT staff resource is critically needed at ICANN with a mandate to fixing this software quickly.


Hence this budget request is for funding to be made available for the staff resources to work on ICANN’s new machine translation tool and fix the remaining bugs no later than Se[te2016 so that the new software tool can be installed and ease the communication difficulties faced by LACRALO, the At­Large Community and ICANN Staff over the past 8 years.

2. Type of Activity : e.g. Outreach ­ Education/training ­ Travel support ­ Research/Study ­ Meetings ­ Other

Technical Support

3. Proposed Timeline/Schedule: e.g. one time activity, recurring activity

It is anticipated that it would take several months elapsed time to fix the remaining bugs and for testing in coordination with members of the At­Large Technology Taskforce and other interested LACRALO members. It is expected that following deployment there may be a need to respond to problems as the tool is more widely used.




1. Strategic Alignment. Which area of ICANN’s Strategic Plan does this request support?

1. Evolve and further globalize ICANN ; in particular 1.1 “Further globalize and regionalize ICANN functions” and 1.3 “Evolve policy development and governance processes, structures and meetings to be more accountable, inclusive, efficient, effective and responsive.”

2. Demographics. What audience(s), in which geographies, does your request target?

Latin America and Caribbean for now. This same tool could be used in any geography with different language communities (for example Africa for French and English)

3. Deliverables. What are the desired outcomes of your proposed activity?

With the upgrade/bug fixing of the ICANN translation and its successful deployment, outcomes include:

*   Better understanding of the communication from ICANN to the Latin American and Caribbean At­Large

*   English and Spanish speaking communities in the LAC region can better exchange information and ideas.

*   The ability to deploy the tool in other ICANN environments that can benefit from multi-lingual participation.

*   Better globalize ICANN’s operational functions to support ICANN in being more relevant, inclusive, connected and collaborative worldwide

4. Metrics. What measurements will you use to determine whether your activity achieves its desired outcomes?











Staff Support Needed (not including subject matter expertise):





Costs basis or parameters

Additional Comments



4­6 months (elapsed)















Subject Matter Expert Support:

The programmer will work under ICANN IT Staff, in particular with the IT staff who have worked on this issue in the past.

Technology Support: (telephone, Adobe Connect, web streaming, etc.)


Language Services Support:









Travel Support:


Potential/planned Sponsorship Contribution: