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Title of Proposed Activity



Showcase local APRALO activities at APNIC42 to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Community Requestor Name


Jahangir Hossain, ISOC Bangladesh, APRALO ALS

Siranush Vardanyan, APRALO Chair

ICANN StaffCommunity Liaison


Silvia Vivanco





request description



1. Activity: Please describe your proposed activity in detail

APNIC will be holding one of their meetings in Dhaka, and we would like to take advantage of having many people coming from all over Bangladesh and beyond to showcase what our ALS, ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka is doing as an APRALO organisation, and also to use the event to highlight ICANN’s activities not only in the Bangladesh community but also in other regional and global areas as well. The event will be held at the end of the workshop week, but it will serve as an introduction to the conference week which we will encourage our participants to join, to learn more about APNIC and the internet ecosystem.



2. Type of Activity : e.g. Outreach -Education/training - Travel support - Research/Study -  Meetings - Other

The activities to be provided at this day-long event will focus on Education and Capacity Building within the local community as well as raising awareness not only about our ISOC organisation in Bangladesh but also how we are also an ALS promoting the work of APRALO in our country


3. Proposed Timeline/Schedule: e.g. one time activity, recurring activity

Proposed date October 3, 2016, Dhaka ,Bangladesh (to be confirmed once APNIC programme is finalized)




request objectives




1. Strategic Alignment. Which area of ICANN’s Strategic Plan does this request support?

5.3 Empower current and new stakeholders to fully participate in ICANN activities

- increased accessibility, knowledge and capability of participants in the ICANN community

- Balanced regional participation of ICANN stakeholders, especially those from under-represented, developing economies and communities.

2. Demographics. What audience(s), in which geographies, does your request target?

The IT community within the Dhaka, Bangladesh and outside of it too, if at all possible. We envisage at least 100 people attending this event.


3. Deliverables. What are the desired outcomes of your proposed activity?

To gain knowledge of ICANN role in internet ecosystem and how ASIA Pacific Community members join and contribute in ICANN ecosystems.

To showcase the role that ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka plays in helping to promote an open, interoperable and secure internet in Bangladesh.


4. Metrics. What measurements will you use to determine whether your activity achieves its desired outcomes?

The number of people who actually attend the event

The number of participants who are part of our day event programme

The list of sessions that we provide as part of our programme

A record of feedback from participants at the end of the day






Resource Planning – incremental to accommodate  this request

Staff Support Needed (not including subject matter expertise):




Costs basis or parameters

Additional Comments
















Subject Matter Expert Support:

We would request the participation of

  1. At least two APRALO leaders and
  2. At least 2 experts from the local ICANN office to speak about ICANN activities in the region. We can provide our own experts to talk about local activities. The cost for these three participants could vary depending on their home base. Possibly USD3000 (airfares and accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights – 3 days for preparation, participation and evaluation )


Technology Support:(telephone, Adobe Connect, web streaming, etc.)

We would like to request support from the local ICANN office to provide some web streaming support to enable other areas of Bangladesh to be able to participate in the event as well, if this is possible.


This could be an additional cost if the office cannot supply it.

Language Services Support:

We would also like ICANN staff to provide the APRALO brochure and business cards in the official language of Bangladesh. (at least 100 of each)


I am unsure of what cost these would be, or whether they are from an internal budget.



Travel Support:

Travel support will be required for the

  1. APRALO Leaders
  2. Nearby ICANN office staff members to participate in the event. Possibly $3000-$4000.


Potential/planned Sponsorship Contribution:

  1. Our ISOC Chapter will be applying to ISOC for event funding to provide for the cost of the venue and some catering for an after-event hosting ($2000),
  2. ICANN funding is requested to cover the cost of getting staff to the event and accommodating them.
  3. Other local sponsorship will make up any shortfall.
  4. The At-Large Finance and Budget Sub-Committee believe that this event could usefully be funded/partially funded in collaboration with GSE.