Draft Agenda

for EURALO’s 3 rd General Assembly (GA)

at the occasion of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

on Wednesday, 15 September 2010 in Vilnius/Lithuania

from 17:00 – 19:30 (venue and room TBC)



According to EURALO’s by-laws a General Assembly has to be convened once a year. EURALO was created in March 07 in Lisbon. Board elections were conducted in May 07, June 08 partly and March 09 (Mexico-City).




For a preliminary/draft GA-agenda the following points are suggested:


TOP 1 Welcome

  1. Approval of the GA-agenda
  2. Approval of the GA minutes from March 09, Mexico-City.


TOP 2 Board’s report 2009-10 (on the basis of the monthly Secretariat’s reports)

a. Approval of the Board’s report.


TOP 3 Discussion and approval of the EURALO working programme

and projects 2010-11 (updates from the previous 2009-10)

  1. Approval of EURALO’s working budget 2010-11,

b. Need of budget allocation for EURALO operation and outreach.


TOP 4 EURALO INreach (conclusions based on the last ALAC-ALS-Survey 2010)

and OUTreach activities and improvements.


TOP 5 Review of EURALO’s By-laws and needs for revision (as noted in Paris and

reaffirmed in Mexico-City) regarding individual users participation and full

membership at EURALO (suggestions for By-law revisions will be

submitted prior to the next GA) and discussion of any other relevant changes.


TOP 6 Approval of EURALO’s ALAC nominations (as communicated via the list)

a. Other EURALO seats at ICANN and ALAC.


TOP 7 EURALO Board elections (nominations will be listed prior to the GA).


TOP 8 EURALO meetings - participation or organization.

a.  EURALO involvement and planning for EuroDIG 2011 in Belgrade (May 11)

  1. Planning for the EURALO GA spring 2011,
  2. Planning for the EURALO GA F2F in conjunction with ICANN No. 44 meeting - 24-29 June 2012 in EU.


TOP 9 Update on the ongoing At-Large elected Board Director process.


TOP 10 Any other business.



Neuchâtel/Cannes, August 10


Wolf Ludwig Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond

Chair of EURALO EURALO Secretariat