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In Recommendation #12 of the CCWG-Accountability Work Stream 1 report, the group assesses diversity based requirements from ICANN governance documents (Bylaws, AOC, ATRT1, ATRT2, documents from each of ICANN’s SOs and ACs).


The following is excerpted directly from the CCWG-Accountability Work Stream 1 report:


Comments received on the Second Draft Proposal revealed that incorporating the diversity component into Accountability and Transparency Reviews may overburden Review Teams. Therefore, the CCWG-Accountability recommends the following actions with the view to further enhancing ICANN’s effectiveness in promoting diversity: 

         Including diversity as an important element for the creation of any new structure, such as the Independent Review Process (IRP) – for diversity requirements for the panel – and the ICANN Community Forum. 

         Adding Accountability, Transparency, and Diversity reviews of SOs and ACs to structural reviews as part of Work Stream 2. 

         Performing, as part of Work Stream 2, a more detailed review to establish a full inventory of the existing mechanisms related to diversity for each and every ICANN group (including Stakeholder Groups, Constituencies, Regional At-Large Organizations, the Fellowship program, and other ICANN outreach programs). After an initial review of the current documents, it became clear that they do not address the full concerns raised by the wider community on the issue of diversity. 

         Identifying the possible structures that could follow, promote and support the strengthening of diversity within ICANN. 

         Carrying out a detailed working plan on enhancing ICANN diversity as part of Work Stream 2.

         Strengthening commitments to outreach and engagement in order to create a more diverse pool of ICANN participants, so that diversity is better reflected in the overall community and thus more naturally reflected in ICANN structures and leadership positions .


Background for Discussion


Discussion during the CCWG-Accountability meeting in Marrakesh in March 2016 included a brainstorming session on the types of diversity to consider, including socio-economic, gender (LGBTQI), regional, etc. There was also acknowledgement of the evolving environment for diversity. Some questions that were posed during the discussion:

         What are the metrics by which we should measure diversity?

         Diversity and accountability are related topics -- could these topics be merged or considered in a joint effort in WS2?

         How does diversity link to the global public interest?

         How does diversity link to SO/AC Accountability issues (i.e., do SOs/ACs have obligations to support diversity as part of remaining accountable?; What are SO/AC outreach needs to confirm diversity in participation and decision making?)


On 26 June at ICANN56 in Helsinki, Dalila Rahmouni and Mathieu Weill presented lightning talks to the CCWG-Accountability on this topic. To view the presentations, please see: .


One of the key first questions that will have to be determined among the WS2 subgroup is focusing on the question of what it means to enhance diversity within ICANN, and the objectives that are intended to be met through the enhancement of diversity. 


To the extent that the survey work identifies issues that ICANN should focus upon at the organizational level, members of ICANN staff should be invited to participate in the discussions and in solution design. 



GNSO Review - the second independent Review of the GNSO, part of the Organizational Reviews mandated by the ICANN Bylaws, addressed diversity.  Final Report issued by the Independent Examiner -


Section 9.4 of the Final Report deals with Diversity.  Recommendations relating to diversity were #6, 7, 32 - 36.  GNSO has established a GNSO Review Working Group to develop an implementation plan for Board-approved GNSO Review recommendations, in July 2016.  The work of this group can be seen at


For statistics on diversity of past AoC Review Teams, please see AoC and Organizational Review presentation in Dublin at ICANN54 ; slide 8.


ICANN 51 Los Angeles – Showcasing Positive Trends and Business Diversity


Afnic report on ICANN diversity

         Article about the report:

         The report in English:

         The report in French .


On 26 June at ICANN56 in Helsinki, Dalila Rahmouni and Mathieu Weill presented lightning talks to the CCWG-Accountability on this topic. To view the presentations, please see: .


Quarterly Stakeholder Call Presentation includes data on Global Stakeholder Engagement by region - , slide 27


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