Middle East and Adjoining Countries School on Internet Governance (MEAC-SIG)

Call for Fellowships

Kuwait, Kuwait

May 25-29, 2014




As part of the ICANN Middle East Strategy [1] devised by the Middle East Strategy Working Group (MESWG) , ICANN aims to develop and sponsor outreach programs and initiatives in partnership with national and regional stakeholders in order to stimulate the regional Internet community and ensure effective participation in regional and global Internet Governance fora.

To that end, ICANN through MESWG’s Task Force on Capacity Building and Awareness (TF-CBA) will be organizing the Middle East and Adjoining Countries School on Internet Governance (MEAC-SIG) 2014. This annual five-day event will be comprised of focused sessions tailored to fit the region's needs. These sessions will be covering a broad range of issues from technical to policy aspects of Internet Governance.




The MEAC-SIG will help individuals from the MEAC region to better understand the global and regional Internet Governance issues, settings and processes while gaining access to comprehensive and structured knowledge on the various aspects of Internet Governance, and the actors, issues and settings surrounding it.




The MEAC-SIG will offer a 5-day intensive learning course spanning five tracks. The course will cover the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, technological and other dimensions of the Internet Governance within the context of the MEAC regional imperatives.

The program is expected to carry practical oriented workshops, round tables and case presentations.



Future Aspects

The MEAC-SIG program intends to continue community development by creating an alumni network and have students engage in ICANN, IGF, Arab IGF and other relevant regional activities and fora. TF-CBA will ensure that the MEAC-SIG program is rotated on yearly basis to various countries of the region.



Target Audience

The target audience will be derived from the countries of the MEAC region that are expected to be comprised of students, practitioners, researchers and professionals from the following sectors:

  1. Academia and Research
  2. Civil Society and NGOs
  3. Government and Public Sector
  4. Technical Community
  5. Private Sector and Business

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Stakeholder Group

□ Academia and Research

□ Civil Society and NGOs

□ Government and Public Sector

□ Technical Community

□ Private Sector and Business

□ Intergovernmental Organization

Experience in areas related to Internet Governance and Development


What plans do you have for your local community or stakeholder group after attending the MEAC-SIG



[1] The Middle East Strategy covers the 22 Arab States, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan