Working Draft Schedule/Agenda Framework For GNSO NCPH Inter-Sessional Meeting

February 2016  -- ICANN HQ/Double Tree Hilton – Los Angeles, California

(v8.0 – 2 February 2016)



This draft agenda (v. 8 – 2 February 2016) is the eighth iteration of the February 2016 NCPH Meeting Agenda.  Versions of this document have been the vehicle for establishing the general structure of the proposed meeting.  The structure is based on previous year programs and for 2016 was subject to major or minor revisions in each previous iteration as guided by discussions among community leader/planners and staff. Copies of this document are posted after each planning meeting at - .





Meeting Dates:   4-5 February 2016


Meeting Location:


Double Tree Hilton

6161 W Centinela Ave, Culver City, CA 90230


DoubleTree Los Angeles - Westside


Host Hotel:


Double Tree Hilton

6161 W Centinela Ave, Culver City, CA 90230


DoubleTree Los Angeles - Westside



Seven delegates from each community group – BC, IPC, ISPCPC, NCUC, NCSG, NPOC


Invited attendees to include NCA assigned to NCPH, Board member appointed by NCPH and non-voting NCA on GNSO Council. All have been confirmed.


Members of both the NCSG and CSG communities are planning their own February 3 events in the Los Angeles area.  Those activities are not included in this planning document. In view of recent community interest, staff is finalizing plans for an informal Wednesday evening reception at the ICANN Los Angeles Office for arriving delegates.



WORKING DRAFT NCPH MEETING SCHEDULE/AGENDA:  (using previous meetings as framework)





Staff Needed

Comm Co-Chairs

General Notes


Meeting Day 1

Thursday February 4, 2016






Delegates gather at Double Tree

E3 Staff (RobH, CarlosR)


Delegates free to breakfast in Double Tree restaurant area as desired.

DoubleTree Pacific Room/Foyer



Slot A

Introduction and Welcome



Introduction and Welcome from Chair and or Staff.  Session includes overview of meeting logistics for the two-day period.

DoubleTree Pacific Room

9:30 – 11:00am

Slot B

NCPH Plenary Session #1


CSG: Phil Corwin (BC)

NCSG: Ed Morris (NCUC)

Exploration of Common NCPH Issues


DoubleTree Pacific Room

11:00 – 12:30pm

Slot C

NCPH Plenary Session #2



CSG: Lori Schulman (IPC)

NCSG: Tapani Tarvainen (NCSG)

Process for Community Decision Making – Board Seat and Council Vice Chairs


DoubleTree Pacific Room

12:30 – 14:00

Slot D

Plenary Lunch


CSG: Cheryl Miller (BC)

NCSG: Avri Doria (NCUC)

Opportunity for informal full plenary discussion on GNSO Review matters.  Initial briefing from staff with contributions from any GNSO Review Team in attendance. (Could be chaired by review team member)

DoubleTree Pacific Room Foyer

14:00- 16:00

Slot E

Plenary Session #3


CSG: Tony Holmes (ISPCP)

NCSG: Rudi Vansnick (NPOC)

Possible GNSO Future

Session Co-Chairs:


DoubleTree Pacific Room

16:00- 18:00

Slot F

Breakout SG or Constituency Meetings (if desired)



Agendas TBD by individual SGs or Constituencies  (possible review of plenary topics) Note that each SG has a 75-minute block on Friday to plan as they want during the time they are not with the senior staff.

Multiple DoubleTree conf rooms to be assigned – TBD



Adjourn Day #1









Slot G

Reception for delegates and guests at DoubleTree Hotel




Opportunity for Outreach and Networking


Doubletree Hotel – Culver Club

Meeting Day 2

Friday, February 5, 2016






Delegates gather at DoubleTree



Delegates free to breakfast in Double Tree restaurant area as desired.

DoubleTree Pacific Room/Foyer



Slot H

SG Roundtables with Senior Staff


9:00-10:15  -- CSG 


10:30- 11:45  -- NCSG

Senior Staff ( possible – consider timing shift depending on Staff travel itineraries ), E3


Depending on status of leadership transition, the available ICANN Senior Staff will dialogue with each SG for approx. 75 minutes with a short break for the senior staff between meetings.

During this time one SG is meeting with the senior staff, the other SG may conduct a 75-minute topic of interest session.

Other Staff can be invited for specific issue briefings as requested.

Senior staff topics and non-senior staff meeting time agendas TBD by each SG (please make available previous week (25 Jan) for staff prep).

DoubleTree Pacific Room and other locations

1200 - 1400


Slot I

Plenary Lunch



CSG: Chris Wilson (BC)

NCSG:  Rudi Vansnick (NPOC)

Informal Lunch.

Topic – Public Meeting Matters

DoubleTree Pacific Room Foyer


Slot J

NCPH Plenary Session #4



CSG:  Greg Shatan (IPC)

NCSG: Tapani Tarvainen (NCSG)

Shared topics (perhaps session for “Third Rail” issues discussion)– one selection from CSG and one selection from NCSG.

DoubleTree Pacific Room


Slot K

NCPH Plenary Session #5


CSG: Tony Holmes (ISPCP)

NCSG: Marilia Maciel (NCUC)

AOB Session (return to previous topics to resolve issues or discuss new topics that came up over the two days)

DoubleTree Pacific Room

17:30 – 18:00

Slot L

Closing and Next Steps Discussion




DoubleTree Pacific Room








There is general agreement among the meeting planners that one of the goals of the meeting is  to improve “how” the NCPH community talks about issues and conducts itself on issues of common interest. More specific goals articulated for individual plenary session subjects are proposed/confirmed below.





Set forth below are potential topics to assign to the various plenary sessions. As noted in the draft agenda above, it will be useful to designate community leader co-chairs for each session discussion.  It was noted on the 9 December planning call, defined goals for each session would also be useful.  Goals are suggested below for some of the potential meeting agenda topics.


Potential Plenary Issue candidates include (not in priority order):


1. Common Issues Defined ( Slot B ) – Session intended to identify and discuss issues/matters where commonality exists and around which common views and strategies could be developed. Perhaps include suggested discussion of how to improve “working dynamics” between SGs ( Goal – confirm existence of any common-ground issues; reach some agreement on methods for improving future dynamics) (Co-Chairs – BC and NCUC)( Planning Goal – identify at least two issues that could be carried forward)


NCPH Procedural (“In-House”) Issues (could all be separate sessions) –


  1. Process for Board seat election ( Slot C ) ( Goal - agree on process, or at least timetable and plan for defining the process)(Co-Chairs: IPC and NCSG)
  2. Selection process for GNSO Council vice chairs   ( Slot C ) ( Goal – agree on process)(Co –Chairs:  IPC and NCSG)


(some pre-meeting discussions of these topics, if possible, would make the face-to-face sessions even more productive.


4. GNSO Review Matters – Update from GNSO Review Team members on GNSO Review Progress (may be particularly helpful for new leaders) Identify issues of commonality to work on or areas of disagreement to potentially resolve as review implementation begins. (Goal – information sharing as a prelude to afternoon GNSO Future discussion) (Co-Chairs:  BC and NCUC)


5.  Possible GNSO Future –Discussion of potential revised structures, operations, etc. (Some interest expressed in a session with Board members in Marrakech)( Slot E – Plenary Session #3 ) (Goal – identifying common principles that NCPH can agree on; potential prep for Marrakech BOF conversation)(Co-Chairs, NPOC and ISPCPC)


6.  Third Rail Issues and Discussion of how to improve “working dynamics” between SGs   – identify and discuss issues where there is disagreement within NCPH. ( Slot J – Plenary Session #4 ) ( Goal - opportunity to share views to improve understanding – not necessarily to reach agreement on any issues)(Co Chairs – IPC and NCSG)


7.  Public Meeting Matters - Marrakech preparation matters and/or discussion of Meeting “B” preparations; NCPH Meeting at Meeting B? ( Slot I – Plenary Lunch ) (Goal – issue spot and achieve understanding of goals for expected issues at Meeting A in Marrakech issues and scheduling/topic matters for Meeting B in Panama.) (Co-Chairs BC and NPOC)


The following issues have engendered no particular interest to date but we are keeping them on the list for now as program shifts involving senior staff availability/interaction or topic interest in SG breakout sessions or joint session topics adjustments could be taken into account:


8. ICANN Accountability issues – (TBD)


9. Community Resources and Budget – Improve understanding of existing resources and future capabilities/desires .


10.  Potential Communiqué Discussions – Session time blocks set aside for preparation of communiqué. ( Goal – prepare meeting communiqué)(necessary to agree on topic/matter ahead of meeting?)


11.  Contractual Compliance Matters (e.g., abuse reporting) Opportunity to discuss area of potential disagreement to see if common agreement can be found.  Specific topics can be teased out here.


12. Possible Staff Briefing Topics (during community breakouts or plenary sessions):


  • Contractual Compliance
  • ICANN Accountability Implementation
  • GNSO Review (X)
  • Implementation of New ICANN Public Meeting Strategy (X)
  • ICANN Budget Preparation Process
  • New gTLD Matters
  • Other Topics TBD




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