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Title of Proposed Activity  



Support for WG chairs to attend ICANN meetings



Community Requestor Name


Maureen Hilyard, Glenn McKnight,  Daniel Nanghaka, Olivier Crepin-Leblond

Alan Greenberg

ICANN Staff Community Liaison


Heidi Ullrich





request description


1. Activity: Please describe your proposed activity in detail

     This activity addresses two key issues: (1) the role of working group Chairs and the expectations that are made of them by both the ALAC and ICANN to fulfil the objectives of their working group charters and (2) how the ALAC and ICANN recognises the time and the effort given by active and hardworking At-Large volunteers take on these roles as efficient, effective and hardworking working group leaders yet due to circumstances beyond their control, may not be able to achieve the necessary status within normal regional leadership channels  that will enable them to attend ICANN meetings alongside other ALAC and RALO leaders, and in the instance outlined in this activity, to attend their own face-to-face working group meetings.

     Remembering that everyone who works in a leadership role is a volunteer, there is still a high level of expectation of leadership for working groups as well as from ALAC or RALO leadership. However, there is a strong disconnect between how effort by leaders of working groups (in this case, of multiple working groups), is recognised, as opposed to the acknowledged ICANN leadership models of being an ALAC member or Regional Chair. In this instance we would highlight one very active and very effective leader who because he doesn’t fit into the box, is sidelined from attending face to face meetings, regardless of an increased focus of ICANN meetings on outreach and engagement which is one of his leadership areas.   In reality we have many working groups  with little or any participation by the  ALAC  leaders who attend ICANN meetings as of right, while at the same time, we have a situation where we have one person in particular who works for ICANN as a volunteer above and beyond a call of duty, who is excluded. 

     The table in the appendix of this document demonstrates Dev Anand Teelucksingh as this example, and the range of his involvement in both technical and governance activities. As a leader, he is inclusive despite his own experiences within his region. He recognises the importance of representational balance which is highlighted in the GNSO Working Group guidelines with regards to the qualities of a Chair. It is further demonstrated by his regular communication with his 4 regional co-chairs in the outreach and engagement team. He is the Chair of the Social Media Group and the Chair of the TTF, he is a technical expert, and his knowledge has been useful both to At-Large colleagues as well as staff.  He is always available for a colleague in need or support for issues outside of but related to the variety of roles he holds within ICANN and At Large.

  The point of this request is that when someone puts so many hours into  leading, advising, supporting others on behalf of the ALAC and At-Large, it must be both frustrating and very demoralising to not be acknowledged by the management and administration of the organisation he is working on behalf of, after all the work that he does, that he should be put to the side when it comes to being able to participate in the last remaining opportunity as a leader in ICANN because other opportunities are denied him. And ICANN openly further marginalises him (a representative of an under-represented region of the world) despite being aware of his difficulties.

   This activity is being requested to enable Dev to be able to attend the three meetings in FY17 (and if possible to be sponsored to attend the three meetings in FY16 by some means) in order for him to attend the outreach meetings in this important first year of New Meeting formats. Our premise is that being an active multi-working group leader, acknowledged by many of the ALAC who have worked with him and continue to do so on his working committees, should entitle him to paid attendance to ICANN meetings, the same as other At-Large leaders.

   We would like to ensure that Dev and others who work as hard, are recognised for their efforts on behalf of At-Large and ICANN and this needs to be acknowledged in some way. Alternative arrangements should be enabled to reward them accordingly.



2. Type of Activity : e.g. Outreach - Education/training - Travel support - Research/Study -  Meetings - Other

As a Working Group Chair, his main roles will be related to the objectives of the working groups he leads -  including outreach and engagement, social media and technology . He is also a member of the capacity building WG. He would be able to participate in ALAC and other sector meetings on these topics face-to-face, an opportunity which is not easily done remotely. Other activities could include:

Reporting  to ALAC on their activities

Attending all the RALO Face to Face Meetings

Distributing WG  literature

Conducting WG meetings during the ICANN meeting.

Recruiting new members for his respective WG’s

3. Proposed Timeline/Schedule: e.g. one time activity, recurring activity

.the timeframe will be the whole FY17 (All three ICANN meetings), and if possible for the three meetings in FY16 where an application was not made because we were unaware that the situation in LACRALO would not enable him to be an already sponsored participant in regular ICANN meetings in FY16.



  request objectives




1. Strategic Alignment. Which area of ICANN’s Strategic Plan does this request support?

ICANN Strategic Plan :
ICANN Strategic Plan

3 Advance organizational, technological and operational excellence.

ICANN seeks to mature our organization—to improve the skillsets, processes, and technologies through which we operate to deliver services to the ICANN community and the public. We seek to develop a greater ability to meet the speed and scale of innovation happening around us and deliver with excellence in everything we do.


The Working Groups  are a critical part of building  Operational Excellence in ALAC.  The  Working Group is one of the major ways that  people can combine their talent and interest to the betterment of  ICANN.  Working groups  were the most  active contributors on the ATLAS 2 recommendations



2. Demographics. What audience(s), in which geographies, does your request target?

All geographies



3. Deliverables. What are the desired outcomes of your proposed activity?


         Vitalize the membership of  the Working Groups

         Creation of  per quarter plan for the monthly calls

         Foster more understanding on the role and function of the WG’s to the ALAC membership

         Deliberate recruitment for membership in under represented areas

         Active  participation of the WG  chairs bolsters the achievements of the WG and fosters more appreciation of their work


4. Metrics. What measurements will you use to determine whether your activity achieves its desired outcomes?


         Three  Face to Face meetings  x  the number of sponsored working group chairs

         Dozens of  informal meetings with existing and potentially  new  members

         Multiple planning meetings face to face with  Co-chairs

         Set a plan for the year





Resource Planning – incremental to accommodate  this request

Staff Support Needed (not including subject matter expertise):





Costs basis or parameters

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Subject Matter Expert Support:


Technology Support: (telephone, Adobe Connect, web streaming, etc.)


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Appendix  A  Analysis


The  ALAC  working group Matrix




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Not Sponsored

Number of  persons for sponsorship

Capacity Building WG





IDN Policy





New gTld WG

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Registration Issues WG





Outreach and Engagement





At Large Social Media





Technology Taskforce










Accessibility WG