This is to express my interest and availability in continuing serving on the Board of EURALO, 2017 - 2019


I work for the policy and planning unit at the united services union (ver.di) with focus on digital work, net-politics and e-government. I am co-founder and member of the steering committee of the german IGF as well as co-founder of the EuroDIG. I am very interested in strengthening informational self-determination and public interest in internet policies and would like to focus on these issues in the work of the EURALO Board.


ICANN involvement: In 2005 I had been appointed to the ALAC by the ICANN Board. In 2006 I got elected as ALAC chair and focused my work on the setting up of Regional At-Large Organizations. Beginning with helping to start the formation of EURALO and the development of its first by-laws. The Nom-Com nominated me to continue my ALAC work. I got re-elected as chair and after my involvement in the ALAC I continued my ICANN involvement on the regional european level, trying to strengthen the multi-stakeholder approach.

As mentioned before, data-protection and public interest are my core interests I would like to focus on if (re-)elected to the EURALO-Board.


Thank you


Annette Mühlberg