Meeting Number: AL.ALAC/CC.BUDFY10/0409/1

Date: Thursday 30 April 2009

Time: 05h00 - 06h00 UTC

Presenter: Kevin Wilson, ICANN Chief Financial Officer

Participants: Dev Annand Teelucksing, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Gareth Shearman, Andres Piazza, Adam Peake

Staff: Nick Ashton-Hart

Recording: ENGLISH,

Adobe Connect Room:

(This is a recording of the visual part of the presentation. To follow the presentation in real time, please listen to the audio file simultaneously.)

Meeting Description:

ICANN CFO Kevin Wilson launches the Operating Plan and Budget Development for Fiscal Year 2010 with a presentation outlining the general ideas behind his proposed Budget Framework. The purpose of this meeting is to engage the At-Large community in a discussion on their spending priorities over the next months which will serve as the basis for a formal At-Large position on the Proposed Budget Framework. The Public Comment period on the Proposed Framework for next year’s Operating Plan and Budget ends 30 Apr 09 but Kevin Wilson indicated that we will also consider community input received after the deadline to the extend possible. The draft plan of the Operating Plan and Budget will be posted on 17 May. It will be considered for adoption at the Sydney meeting in June.
Reference Material:

Reference Material:

Presentation on the Operating Plan and Budget Framework FY 10 PDF

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