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Target Date (T)

Action Item

Responsible Council Member


Responsible Staff member

Additional Notes

GNSO Chair election 2018



  • ICANN staff to pass on GNSO Chair election timeline to SG/Cs
Nathalie Peregrine

SSAC Brief on Use of Emoji in Domain Names



  • ICANN staff to circulate slides used during presentation to the Subsequent Procedures PDP WG co-chairs.
  • Small group of councilors (Philippe, Michele, Martin, Tatiana) to prepare response to the ICANN Board regarding their resolution on emoji for Council consideration.
  • ICANN staff to provide small group of councilors with original Board resolution that included the request.

Next steps following adoption of ICANN Board Temporary Specification



  • Council Leadership to communicate that Council has reached agreement in principle that the Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) is the proper mechanism to address the Temporary Specification to the ICANN Board.
  • Council to begin some initial EPDP processes (e.g., initiation, charter drafting).
  • Councilors to share feedback on Temporary Specification mapping document on Council mailing list.
  • Council Leadership to follow up with the ICANN Board regarding its question 5 in this document:
  • Council Leadership to investigate whether the IPC and/or BC might be open to allowing the Council to drive one of the group’s Cross-Community sessions.
  • ICANN Staff to update ICANN62 schedule placeholders to reflect EPDP charter drafting/initiation. Also, change the closed Tuesday 09:00-10:15 session to an open one.
  • ICANN Staff to circulate draft of EPDP initiation request and draft charter
  • ICANN Staff to circulate Doodle poll to allow for Councilors to meet and discuss the EPDP initiation/charter drafting prior to ICANN62; subsequently, schedule meeting.
  • Council Leadership to follow up with the ICANN Board/ICANN Org to have them designate what they feel is within the picket fence for the Temporary Specification.
  • ICANN staff to adjust the existing action on the Temporary Specification topic to note link between the development of a post mortem on the RDS PDP and the closure of that PDP. Request that Post mortem is completed by end of July so that it can be shared with the Council in conjunction with the reminder on PDP3.0.

Short-Term and Long-Term Options to Adjust the Timeline for Specific Reviews



  • Council to determine next steps, which could include 1) requesting Q&A with MSSI; 2) convening a drafting team and drafting a letter, and/or; 3) filing a public comment to one or both of the short-term and long-term public comment proceedings.

Revised SSC Charter



  • ICANN Staff to send the updated Charter to the Stakeholder Groups/Constituencies and Nominating Committee (NomCom) appointees on the GNSO Council and remind SG/Cs/NomCom appointees that they should reconfirm their SSC representatives within three weeks following the 2018 Annual General Meeting.
  • Council Leadership to confirm at its earliest convenience whether a member of the GNSO Council leadership team will serve as an ex-officio member of the SSC and communicate this decision to the SSC.

Incoming PDP co-chair



  • ICANN Staff to communicate Council approval of the appointment of Brian Beckham as an additional co-chair for the Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs Policy Development Process Working Group. 
Marika Konings

Exiting PDP Chairs



  • Council Leadership to prepare note of thanks for Chuck Gomes for his work on the gTLD Registration Data Services PDP, as well as his overall contributions to the GNSO.
  • Council Leadership to prepare note of thanks for Phil Corwin for his work on the IGO-INGO Access to Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms PDP.
  • Council Leadership to prepare note of thanks for J. Scott Evans for his work on the Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs PDP.

PDP 3.0




  • Staff to consolidate input and comments into a Google document.
  • Staff to propose next steps (e.g., identify goal for ICANN62 and plan backwards).
  • Council to review and provide feedback on PDP 3.0 Discussion Paper by 8 June.
  • Council to extend deadline for SG/C feedback until 15 August 2018

SubPro/RPM Consolidated timeline



  • Council liaisons to the respective PDP WGs to review Sunday Working Session and extract notes and action items.
  • Council liaisons to the respective PDP WGs to work with PDP WG leadership to expand timeline to include potential implementation steps/scenarios.
  • Council liaisons to WGs to scope the issue and understand requirements/dependencies between the two PDP WGs.

Board request regarding emojis



  • Council Leadership to send response to the Board to acknowledge receipt of request.
  • Staff to summarize Board resolution and SSAC Advice for small team of Councilors to consider.
  • Small team of Councilors (Michele Neylon, Martin Silva Valent, Tatiana Tropina and Philippe Fouquart as the GNSO liaison to the ccNSO) to liaise with the SSAC in responding to Board resolution.
  • Small team of Councilors to ensure that they coordinate with the ccNSO in addressing the Board request regarding emoji.

ICANN62 Meeting Planning



  • Council Leadership (Heather Forrest and Rafik Dammak) to attend ICANN62 planning meeting, communicate concerns raised by Council, and report back to the Council.
  • Council to develop plan for conducting outreach at ICANN meetings, especially for the Policy Forum. 
  • Following confirmation of Cross Community/High Interest Topics and placement in schedule, Council leadership to review and finalise GNSO Schedule together with staff.

CSC and IFR Review



  • Donna Austin and Philippe Fouquart to lead small team to suggest ways to avoid overlap between reviews; coordinate with the ccNSO in doing so.

CSC Charter Review




  • ICANN Staff to call for volunteers to form small drafting team (Rafik Dammak volunteered so far) to develop Council input on the proposed changes to the Customer Standing Committee Charter (CSC) (see;
  • And Small drafting team to submit proposed Council input to the Council for consideration in time for the next GNSO Council meeting on 24 May. Deadline for submission of comments is 1 June.
  • Councilors to review draft comments on the “Review of the Customer Standing Committee (CSC) Charter” and provide suggested edits.
  • Rafik Dammak to submit comments on behalf of Council, on the basis of non-objection, by 1 June deadline.
  • ICANN staff to inform the ccNSO that the GNSO Council approved the changes made to the CSC Charter as a result of the Charter Review Process.
  • Council leadership to work on a joint communication with the ccNSO Council to inform the CSC that the Amended Charter has been ratified and should now be put into place.
  • ccNSO and GNSO Councils to conduct an analysis of the requirements of the IANA Naming Function Review and the CSC Effectiveness Review with a view to creating synergies and avoiding overlap

Review of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP)




  • GNSO Council to consider next steps, timing and provide guidance to ICANN Org on if, how, and when the review of the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) should take place, factoring in ongoing discussion on the post-implementation policy review framework as well as the transfer issue that is being considered by the Privacy & Proxy Services Accreditation Issues Implementation Review Team.
  • ICANN Staff to follow up with Councilors who raised questions / issues during the call (Darcy Southwell, Michele Neylon, and Pam Little) to confirm whether these were addressed or whether there are remaining concerns and/or input that they want to provide on the suggested scope of the IRTP review.
  • If no remaining concerns and/or input is provided, ICANN Staff to proceed with preparation of the Post-Implementation Policy Status Report for delivery to the GNSO Council, if possible by end of June 2018.

Updated Charter for the Cross Community Engagement Group on Internet Governance



  • GNSO Council to seek clarification about the level of resources expected to be allocated to the Cross Community Engagement Group on Internet Governance.
  • GNSO Council Liaison to the ccNSO to coordinate with the Country Codes Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) as the Cross Community Engagement Group on Internet Governance seeks to resolve concerns identified by the ccNSO Council.
  • GNSO Council to determine if it will serve as a Chartering Organization, if the Cross Community Engagement Group mechanism supports Chartering Organizations.

Drafting Team on charter related to the next steps for the ICANN Procedure of Handling Whois conflicts with Privacy




  • GNSO Council, after having considered the 1 August letter from Akram Atallah and receiving a brief update from GDD on its 24 August Council meeting, should determine next steps for reviewing the Whois Procedure.
  • Drafting team members to share draft charter and identified questions in charter with respective SG/Cs for feedback, following which the drafting team will review this input and finalize the charter for GNSO Council consideration.
  • Council to consider adoption of charter at its upcoming meeting
  • ICANN Staff to circulate a call for volunteers (subsequent to the initiation and chartering process for the EPDP on the Temporary Specification) to the GNSO Stakeholder Groups, with the request for each Stakeholder Group to appoint up to 3 members to the Implementation Advisory Group (IAG). The call for volunteers should also be more widely circulated to seek volunteers to serve as participants and observers to the IAG. To be discussed at August 2018 Council meeting.
  • ICANN staff to adjust the existing action item on the ICANN Procedure of Handling Whois conflicts with Privacy topic to reflect that the call for volunteers should occur subsequent to the initiation and chartering process for the EPDP on the Temporary Specification. To be discussed at August 2018 Council meeting.

GNSO members for the ICANN Accountability and Transparency (ATRT3) Review Team



  • GNSO Secretariat to communicate resolved #1 (“The GNSO Council nominates, ranked in order: Brian Cute (RySG), Wolfgang Kleinwächter (NCSG), Stéphane Van Gelder (RySG) as its primary three candidates for the ATRT3. Furthermore, the GNSO nominates, in ranked order: Tatiana Tropina (NCSG), Michael Karanicolas (NCSG), Adetola Sogbesan (BC), Erica Varlese (RySG) to be considered for inclusion in the ATRT3 by the SO-AC Chairs should additional places be available that need to be filled.”) to the staff supporting the ATRT3.
  • GNSO Secretariat to inform the endorsed candidates that the GNSO Council expects that if selected for the ATRT3, the applicant will represent the views of the entire GNSO community in their work on the ATRT3, and provide regular feedback as a group on the discussions taking place in the ATRT3, as well as the positions being taken by GNSO Review Team members. (to be completed after meeting with other SO/ACs to determine final Review Team membership)
  • Staff supporting the ATRT3 and application process to send a response to those applicants who did not receive endorsement for this Review Team, thanking them for their interest and note their importance in the event an alternate is needed in the future. The response should encourage them to follow the ATRT3 work, participate in Public Comments and community discussions, and to apply for future opportunities within the GNSO Community as they arise. (to be completed after meeting with other SO/ACs to determine final Review Team membership)
  • ICANN Staff to post GNSO Council Leadership letter to GNSO nominated ATRT3 members on the GNSO Correspondence page.

CCWG-Accountability WS2



  • Council to familiarize themselves with recommendations in preparation for consideration of Final Report.
  • Council members to encourage their respective groups to provide input to the currently open public comment forum (close date of 11 May 2018) to identify potential inconsistencies in the recommendations (see

IGO-INGO Access to Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms



  • Susan Kawaguchi to collaborate with the PDP WG and staff to develop a draft final report for preliminary consideration by the GNSO Council (targeting May meeting).
  • Susan Kawaguchi and Heather Forrest to prepare report on the usage of the 3.7 Appeal Process contained in the GNSO Operating Procedure that is intended to capture the process used and lessons learned.
  • ICANN staff to inform the IGO-INGO CRP PDP WG that the GNSO Council resolved that the Working Group, in line with the Council’s priority to ensure responsible allocation of resources and timely management of the PDP, the Final Report be submitted in time to meet the July 2018 GNSO Council meeting document deadline.

ICANN Board Temporary Policy Proposal



  • Council to develop next steps in preparation for possible adoption of temporary policy by the ICANN Board which would kick off a one year PDP.
  • Heather Forrest to follow up with Cherine Chalaby to see if there is any new information from the Board.
  • ICANN Staff to create Google Doc to capture input from Councilors and their respective SG/Cs about what should be discussed in meeting with the ICANN Board.
  • By 1 June, Councilors to seek input from their respective SG/Cs to determine what they believe should be discussed in meeting the with the ICANN Board, and enter the information in the Google Doc created.
  • ICANN Staff to schedule meeting with the Board to take place shortly after 1 June.
  • ICANN Staff to create doodle poll to schedule extraordinary meeting on or around 14 June.
  • RDS PDP Leadership to prepare post mortem on what took place in the PDP to be completed by end of July so that it can be shared with the Council in conjunction with the reminder on PDP3.0. Receipt of the post mortem will mark the closure of the RDS PDP.

Consensus Policy Implementation Framework




  • Councilors to review proposed amendments to the Consensus Policy Implementation Framework (CPIF) and if desired, disseminate to their respective Stakeholder Groups/Constituencies. The goal is to ensure feedback is returned to ICANN org in a timely manner and allow for them to provide a proposed final version by the end of July.
  • Councilors to review Post Implementation Consensus Policy Review Framework (PICPRF) process diagram and complete survey by 18 May (see

  • Strategic Planning Session (SPS) Action Items

SPS SegmentEntry DateAction ItemResponsible PartyAdditional Notes
What is the GNSO Council and what does it do?
  • Council leadership to consider adding references to relevant ICANN Bylaw sections for agenda items on the GNSO Council agenda, following the example of the ICANN Board. 
  • Council to discuss with the ICANN Board on Day 3 what can be done to facilitate understanding and communication between the GNSO Council and the ICANN Board – may require more than 1 hour at every ICANN meeting. 

Role and responsibilities of Council leadership
  • Council to consider whether existing mechanisms provide for sufficient opportunity to conduct “emergency” consultations to allow for GNSO Chair to gather input on certain topics and/or decisions that need to be taken. 
  • Council members to provide leadership team with feedback on leadership team’s performance & actions on a regular basis. 
  • Current Council Chair (Heather Forrest) to provide report at the end of her term outlining main challenges / concerns / recommendations in fulfilling the role. 
  • Council to consider whether Council leadership should have a contract / letter of appointment that would outline role, responsibilities and expectations. 

Role of Council liaisons
  • Staff to update liaison document based on input provided and circulate it to the Council for further review and discussion.
  • Council to reconfirm liaisons to PDP WG, IRTs and other projects once agreement has been achieved on the role and responsibilities of liaisons.

Changes to GNSO Operating Procedures and related governance documents to facilitate participation in Empowered Community

How to manage Council’s 2018 workload: strategies to increase effectiveness
  • Council leadership to develop clear timeline for action items listed hereunder as well as who will be responsible for delivering on these.
  • Engage with PDP leadership teams at ICANN61 during GNSO weekend sessions to discuss state of work, identify challenges and possible paths forward. Council leadership team to review ICANN61 schedule and carve out time for this discussion. 
  • Develop a white paper on incremental changes to the PDP that outlines these discussions as well as main findings of staff discussion paper to engage the broader community in this conversation. 

What does Council need/want to achieve in 2018, and how to do this?
  • Donna Austin to share comments on scheduling of cross-community discussions with the GNSO Council.
  • Staff to keep project timing planning document up to date and share it with the Council prior to every ICANN meeting to facilitate review and oversight of timelines. Explore whether there is a more dynamic way in which the document can be publicly shared. 
  • Council leadership to reach out to leadership of Curative Rights and Reconvened WG on RCRC to see whether it is feasible to deliver Final Reports within 6-month timeframe.
  • Council leadership to notify ICANN Board with regards to PDPs that are expected to deliver to finalize their report shortly so that concerns or issues can be raised prior to GNSO Council consideration. 
  • Council leadership to request update from GNSO-appointed members to RDS Review Team at upcoming GNSO Council meeting.
  • Council to explore mechanisms and tools for monitoring / reviewing costs related to PDP WGs with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Council members to review framework for post-implementation reviews and provide input. Council leadership to add this to an upcoming Council meeting agenda to continue this discussion. Council to consider forming a small group of volunteers to work with staff on further developing the framework. 

  • Other Council Related Action Items

TopicEntry DateAction ItemResponsible PartyAdditional Notes
CSC and IFR Review


  • Donna Austin and Philippe Fouquart to lead small team to suggest ways to avoid overlap between reviews; coordinate with the ccNSO in doing so, provide report.
  • Donna Austin and Philippe Fouquart to lead small team to suggest ways to avoid overlap between reviews; coordinate with the ccNSO in doing so

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