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Apologies:  Jorge Cancio


 ** If your name is missing from attendance or apology, please send note to **


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1.   Welcome

2.   Review of Agenda (2 minutes)

3.   Administration (1 minute)

3.1.  Changes to SOIs

3.2.  Identify Audio Only and Phone Number Participants

4.   Review of decisions and action items from last call (5 minutes)

4.1.  Decisions:

    • 4.1.1.     Review decision to invite respondents to call. Advise respondents once their response has been presented and point them to reference material. If after reviewing this material the respondents wish to clarify or correct any elements with the Subgroup they will be invited to contact the Subgroup to schedule their participation in a call.

4.2.  Action Items:

    • 4.2.1.     Staff to prepare form letter/email for Rapporteur to use in connection with this decision.

5.   Review Mandate and Scope (30 minutes)

6.   Review of ICANN Litigation (15 Minutes)

6.1.  Review sign-up sheet:

6.2.  Schreiber v. Dunabin (Raphael Beauregard-Lacroix)

6.3.  Bord v. Banco de Chile (Raphael Beauregard-Lacroix)

6.4.  Commercial Connect v. ICANN (Greg Shatan)

7.   AOB

8.   Meetings Remaining Before ICANN59

8.1.  Wednesday 14 June 1300 UTC

8.2.  Tuesday 20 June 1900 UTC

9.  Adjourned

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