With the CROPP FY16 ending on June 30 2016 (and confirmation hopefully coming soon from the ICANN Board on whether CROPP will be continuing in FY17), one of the key deliverables for CROPP FY17 before any CROPP proposals can be considered for FY17 is the submission of a updated Outreach Strategic Plan for each RALO. Each RALO's Outreach Strategic Plan should explain its FY17 outreach goals and planned expectations so that any selected CROPP activities can be coordinated with the appropriate ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement teams.

These proposals must also be approved by the regional GSEs.

This is an opportunity to review the CROPP FY16 At-Large RALOs Outreach Plans, review the outcomes and refine or develop new goals for FY17.

Given that the ICANN Board has yet to formally approve CROPP FY17, the At-Large Outreach and Engagement SC will use the following wiki pages to draft their Outreach Plans for FY17.

At-Large RALO draft FY17 Outreach Strategic Plans

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