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 Positions Open for elections

ALAC   Member (RALO)

Holly   Raiche

2016  AGM - 2018 AGM


Siranush   Vardanyan

2016   AGM - 2018 AGM

Vice   Chair

Ali   AlMeshal

2016   AGM - 2018 AGM

Secretariat (this is a discretionary appointment)

ISOC   HK / Pavan Budhrani

2016   AGM - 2017 AGM


APRALO Leadership Team Selections

The following positions required a suitable Regional Leader to be appointed to serve in the 2016-2018 APRALO Leadership Team (AP-LT)

1.     An ALAC Representative for 2 year term ending at the AGM 2018

2.     The RALO Chair for a 2 year term ending at  the AGM 2018

3.     A Vice Chair to serve a 2 year term ending at the AGM 2018

4.     The Secretariat will be appointed for the 2016-2017 Term. This is a discretionary appointment

*Please note that the following positions will also be appointed: 

NomCom Selectee for the Asia-Pacific Region will also be appointed for the 2016-2017 Term.



The following extract of APRALO Rules of Procedure are relevant to this process:

*Section D: Selections, Elections and Appointments*

*28. General Provisions*

28.1 According to the ICANN by-laws, the APRALO appointments, and selections should be made wherever possible by Consensus, but failing that, elections can always be used and the methodology for such is outlined in these RoP.

28.2 Elections and selections can take place by electronic mail, online ballot, written ballot, or any other convenient and accurate means that are deemed to provide appropriate degree of confidentiality.

* 29 Procedures for the Selection of Leaders and the APRALO Leadership Team*

*29.1 Ordinary Leadership selections*

29.1.1 Ordinary selections of the APRALO Chair and Vice Chair(s) shall be held so as to have the new selections prior to the start of the end of June each year. The selection should preferably be completed  at least three weeks prior to the start of the June/July ICANN Meeting to facilitate travel arrangements IF the selectee is expected to attend that ICANN Meeting. They are expected however to attend  the ICANN Meeting were the ICANN AGM is held and where they will effectively 'take their seats' for the roles that are appointed to.



  •  Participation in APRALO and ALAC meetings and activities.
  •  Knowledge of ICANN's structure and functions, including knowledge of its SO/ACs.
  •  Willingness to spend the time that is expected of NomCom members      (noting  that  there are weekly calls of over 2 hours each  week)
  •  Ability to retain  confidential information
  •  Good  analytical skills. Human resources background is considered useful.


Self-nominations are welcome. Self-nominations are deemed to also act as formal acceptance of 'nomination'.



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