1. Attendance
  2. Outreach
    a. Helsinki
    b. conferences 
  3. Draft panel formation proposal v.6 (.docx) (.pdf)
  4. Repertoire v.9 (.docx) (.pdf) with suggestions for blocked variants
  5. AOB
  6. DoNM


1. Ahmed Bakht, Chris Dillon, Meikal Mumin, Alireza Saleh, Mirjana Tasić, Aysegul Tekce, Vladimir Višnjić
2. The panel lacked linguistic representatives from many of the regions (defined in the proposal and list of languages) outside Europe.
Chris had heard that it was time to book time for meetings in Helsinki, the first of the new shorter ICANN B meetings.
Action: Chris to approach ICANN
Conferences are a good way to recruit new members. Chris started a list of suitable conferences: ICANN (e.g. Helsinki), Unicode (which partially clashes with ICANN San Juan), IETF and IGF, but there are many more. Support may be available for attendance.
Action all: Send suggestions for relevant conferences (including major regional ones) to the mailing list
Authors of relevant publications (e.g. Alphabets de langues africaines) have also been approached, but the personal approach is more efficient and many senior experts do not have time.
3. Chris highlighted changes in definitions (alphabet, script, character, letter, etc.) to bring the proposal in line with RFC 6365).
Montenegrin apparently has some letters with no pre-composed code points. Chris had suspected they could be ligatures of lj and nj, but these have had pre-composed code points (01C9 and 01CC) since Unicode 1.1.
Action: Mirjana
Meikal was giving the document and the repertoire a slow, critical read.
Mirjana had produced new versions of the full list of languages using the Latin script and also regional lists, for which she was cordially thanked.
The proposal would be informally shown to the IP and released for public comment within the next few weeks. Public comment is another opportunity to recruit linguistic experts, et al.
Work was required to bring the list of members and schedule up-to-date.
4. There was not time to table the repertoire, but Chris drew colleagues' attention to orange entries indicating blocked variants (for example LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I and LATIN SMALL LETTER IOTA).
5. None.
6. Probably not April 12 as scheduled. To be announced on the list.

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