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Third Draft Report
(Final for Review)


Supplemental Final Proposal on Work Stream 1 Recommendations


Annex 01 – Recommendation #1:
Establishing an Empowered Community
for Enforcing Community Power

Annex 02 – Recommendation #2:
Empowering the Community
through Consensus: Engagement, Escalation,
Enforcement 1. Summary


Annex 03 – Recommendation #3:
Standard Bylaws, Fundamental Bylaws
and Articles of Incorporation

Annex 04 – Recommendation #4:
Ensuring Community Involvement in
ICANN Decision-making: Seven New
Community Powers

Annex 05 – Recommendation #5:
Changing aspects of ICANN’s Mission, Commitments, and Core Values 

Annex 06 – Recommendation #6:
Reaffirming ICANN’s Commitment to Respect Internationally
Recognized Human Rights as it Carries Out its Mission

Annex 07 – Recommendation #7:
Strengthening ICANN’s Independent Review Process 

Annex 08 – Recommendation #8:
Improving ICANN’s Request for Reconsideration Process

Annex 09 – Recommendation #9:
Incorporating the Affirmation
of Commitments Reviews in ICANN’s Bylaws

Annex 10 – Recommendation #10:
Enhancing the Accountability of Supporting
Organizations and Advisory Committees

Annex 11 – Recommendation #11:
Board Obligations with Regard to Governmental
Advisory Committee Advice (Stress Test 18)

Annex 12 – Recommendation #12:
Committing to Further Accountability Work in Work Stream 2 

Annex 13 – CWG-Stewardship Requirements of the CCWG-Accountability 

Annex 14 – Meeting NTIA’s Criteria for the IANA Stewardship Transition

Annex 15 – Stress Testing



Appendix A: Documenting consensus (including minority views) 

Appendix B: Charter 
Appendix C: Background & Methodology 
Appendix D: Engagement & participation summaries 
Appendix E: Initial Work to Determine Focus of the WS 1 Proposal 
Appendix F: Legal Counsel 
Appendix G: Legal documents 
Appendix H: Bylaws Drafting Process & Implementation Timeline 
Appendix I: Affirmation of Commitments 
Appendix J: Glossary
Appendix K: Co-chairs’ Special Appreciation of Staff and Rapporteurs Efforts 


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