Sub-group Members:  Carlos Raul Gutiérrez, Christopher Wilkinson,  David Maher, Greg Shatan, Jan Scholte, Jeff Neuman, Kavouss Arasteh, Keith Drazek, Leon Sanchez, Pär Brumark, Phil Buckingham   (11)

Staff:  Bernie Turcotte, Berry Cobb, Brenda Brewer

Apologies:   Mathieu Weill, Seun Ojedeji, Sebastien Bachollet

**Please let Brenda know if your name has been left off the list (attendees or apologies).**




GS to chair the meeting with LS


- 23 comments received

- 19 supportive of fostering diversity

- 10 with issues

Staff Accountability

- 9 comments received

- 9 supportive

- 4 with issues

SO/AC accountability

- 15 comments received

- 12 supportive

- 3 with issues

This did not include the responses that were generally supportive of the proposal 

Volunteers for using the Zuck model for comment analysis

Diversity - Carlos Raul, 

Staff accountability - Jeff Neuman, LS

SO/AC accountability - LS, JS

GS - we need to work on two tracks 1 - analyse the public comments and 2 - (parallel) dev and revision of the sections of the document relating to these topics..

KD - Walk-through of the Zuck model.

GS - The DelBianco addition to the Zuck model is a final section that is more subjective evaluations and comments.

GS - The critical element for this WP is SOAC accountability given the current state of discussion in the CCWG. General discussion of SO/AC accountability.

GS - best to adjourn now and allow volounteers to proceed with detailed comment analysis.

AOB - none

Documents Presented

Chat Transcript

  Brenda Brewer: (10/7/2015 12:31) Hello all and welcome to WP3 Meeting #7 on 7th October @ 18:00 UTC!   Please note that chat sessions are being archived and follow the ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior: 

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (12:58) Hello

  Brenda Brewer: (12:59) Yes, We hear you Leon

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (12:59) we could hear Leon & Co.

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:00) hello all

  Keith Drazek: (13:02) Leon, we can't hear you. Too much background noise.

  Keith Drazek: (13:02) I'm only on Adobe

  Keith Drazek: (13:02) Greg?

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:03) do we have an agenda?

  Leon Sanchez: (13:03) Thanks!

  Leon Sanchez: (13:03) no agenda so you're the man

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:03) question: WP3?

  Leon Sanchez: (13:03) I would suggest we do as we did on WP4

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:04) we are recording

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:05) Diversity- 23 comments received- 19 supportive of fostering diversity- 10 with issuesStaff Accountability- 9 comments received- 9 supportive- 4 with issuesSO/AC accountability- 15 comments received- 12 supportive- 3 with issues

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:05) Leon?

  Leon Sanchez: (13:06) WP3 is the one taking care of emerging issues which were labeled as Diversity, Staff Accountability and SO/AC accountability Carlos

  Leon Sanchez: (13:06) I don't think anyone has Greg

  Leon Sanchez: (13:06) let's call for volunteers

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:06) Hi Everybody

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:07) Soory to be late

  Jeff Neuman: (13:07) Can someon post the zuck model for analyzing comments?

  Keith Drazek: (13:07) Apologies for not being able to contribute; I haven't been active in this group and I was just planning to observe.

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:08) didnt you hear me???

  Jeff Neuman: (13:08) We did not hear you carlos

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:08) Jeff, The Model is called ZSKas it was products of three persons

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:08) I volunteer for either 1 and/or 3

  Leon Sanchez: (13:08) We didn't hear you Carlos

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:08) sorry

  Keith Drazek: (13:09) @Kavouss: He's referring to the framework for public comment analysis, not the proposed new model. It's the template for public comment analysis.

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:10) leon

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:10) as well

  Jeff Neuman: (13:10) I can look at the staff accountablity if someone sends me the mode

  Jeff Neuman: (13:11) Bernie - Can you send around the comments as well

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:12) I will prepare docs on the comments Jeff, assuming they are all in the PC tool

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:12) OK for SO AC accountability

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:12) sorry folk network issue - back now

  Jan Scholte: (13:12) I'm willing to work with Leon on SO/AC acct

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:12) Jeff I will do so

  Leon Sanchez: (13:12) agree

  Jeff Neuman: (13:13) ok....i have not done this before, but I will try my best

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:13) I have no voice connection. CW

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:14) Greg can you restate who does what please

  Jeff Neuman: (13:14) I have staff accountability with Leon as my #2

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:15) :-)

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:15) Brenda

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:15) I am disconnected

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:16) May you pls advise for dial up

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:16) Tks

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:16) KAVOUSS

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:16) please please please......

  Brenda Brewer: (13:16) calling Kavouss

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:16) Diversity

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:16) May I have a dialout CW

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:16) I appreciate your confidence Greg!!!

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:16) 003284345332

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:17) I volunteered for soac

  Brenda Brewer: (13:17) calling you CW

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:17) Note the next WP3 meeting is in 21 hours from now

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:17) its ok Bernard

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:18) jsut make sure the template is distrbiuted ASAP

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:18) good idea

  Jeff Neuman: (13:18) I cannot be on the call tomorrow at that time, but will submit what i have before then

  Keith Drazek: (13:18) I will send the WP1 template to Bernie if we want to review it.

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:19) damn

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:19) sorry

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:19)  just make sure the template is distributed

  Leon Sanchez: (13:19) we can't hear you Carlos

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:19) never mind

  Jeff Neuman: (13:19) And when can I get a copy of the comments for my section?

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:19) just distribute the template ASAP

  Keith Drazek: (13:20) Greg and Bernie, I just sent a filled-in template from WP1 to Bernie.  Can we post it and just run through it so folks know what  we're looking for?

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:20) There is parallel approaches then I wish to know the extent to which the SO and AC accountabilty could be studied7 discussed before we decides on Model

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:21) @Keith - will do

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:22) I would like to know the modality that we establish to examine the accountability of SO and AC to their community.Then who are those comm7unities

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:22) communities

  Brenda Brewer: (13:23) Your line is open Kavouss

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:23) we are not hearing you Kavous

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:23) Bernard

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:24) something is worng with aduio

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:24)  I ahve restarted my PC and no hope

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:24) and i have a good connection

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:24) so all ok Carlos

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:25) or no audio

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:25) ?

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:25) do you want a dial-out

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:26) I was connected and now disconnected

  Keith Drazek: (13:26) +1 Greg. We must follow our process and document our analysis. We're creating a record.

  Brenda Brewer: (13:27) We are trying to get Kavouss connected again.

  Brenda Brewer: (13:27) Kavouss is now connected!

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:27) woops

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:28) now at least audio is back

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:28) good

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:28) thank you Keith!

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:28) good idea

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:32) gREG

  Jeff Neuman: (13:32) yes, that helps


  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:33) I raised a question to which there may be an answer

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:33) Kavous are you connected now?

  Keith Drazek: (13:33) Great, thanks Greg. Makes sense.

  Keith Drazek: (13:33) +1

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:33)  Which 7 who are those communty 7 communities that SOs and ACs are / should acoountablwe

  Keith Drazek: (13:34) ASO, GNSO, CCNSO, GAC, ALAC, SSAC, RSSAC

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:35) But pls kindly take it as a question

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:35) will work on it - need 2 minutes

  Keith Drazek: (13:35) I think the question is, "How are each of those community structures accountable to their respective communities and to each other?"

  Leon Sanchez: (13:36) Exactly Keith

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:36) Each GAC representative is accountable to the Government that designate that GAC member .then how the GAC as toto could be accountable to a paticular government

  Jeff Neuman: (13:37) Kavuouss the same can be true for any representative of any organization?  Employees are accountable to their employers, etc

  Greg Shatan: (13:37) 500             Having reviewed and inventoried the existing mechanisms related to SO/AC accountability, it is clear that current need to be enhanced in light of the new responsibilities associated with the Work Steam 1 proposals. The CCWG-Accountability recommends the following steps:1.           As part of Work Stream 1 proposals: o      Include the review of SO and AC accountability mechanisms into the independent periodical structural reviews performed on a regular basis These reviews should include consideration on the mechanisms that each SO/AC, as the case may be, has in place to be accountable to their respective Constituencies, Stakeholder Groups, Regional At-Large Organizations, etc. o       This recommendation can be implemented through an amendment of Section 4 of Article IV of the ICANN Bylaws, which currently describes the goal of these reviews as:     The goal of the review, to be undertaken pursuant to such criteria and standards as the Board shall direct, shall be to determine (i) whether that organization has a continuing p

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:37) coming

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:37) If we mean that GAC would be raccountable to all Governments memnbers ogf GAC then such type of accountability can not be implemented and or examinied

  Keith Drazek: (13:38) And the Registry Stakeholder Group Chair is fully accountable to the RySG membership. Every group has unique structures and challenges. We're being told that we need to develop SO/AC accountability further because some or all are not yet adequately accountable or representative.

  Jeff Neuman: (13:38) Kavouss GAC members should be held accountable to the GAC in terms of standards of behavior, rules of engagement, etc.  To say  there can be no accountability is not exactly an accurate statement

  Keith Drazek: (13:41) The GAC and RySG are unique examples because we have a pre-defined and finite "membership." Other groups are not so fortunate and have more difficult challenges in proving representation and accountability because their communities  are more disparate or undefined.

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:43) It was said that GAC establishes rules to be accountable but TO whom ?

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:43) Keith ccNSO or ccTLDs at any ratre

  Jeff Neuman: (13:44) GAC should be accountable to each other and to the INternet Community

  Keith Drazek: (13:44) Yes Bernie. The Registrars as well. I didn't mean RySG and GAC exclusively, just examples.

  Jeff Neuman: (13:45) I think we should be released to get our work done

  Leon Sanchez: (13:45) agreed

  Keith Drazek: (13:45) I have to drop shortly for another call.

  Jan Scholte: (13:45) The review of existing accountability arrangements could be undertaken in Workstream 2. Undertaking it now would introduce undue delay?

  Keith Drazek: (13:46) Thanks Greg. Your battlefield promotion was well-handled.

  Jeff Neuman: (13:46) What is the mailing list just for WP 3

  Brenda Brewer: (13:47)

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:48) +1

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:48) I guess I am not yet on the WP· list. CW

  Jan Scholte: (13:48) Apologies Leon and christopher, but I'll have to withdraw my support. I'm booked solid with meetings tomorrow until our next meeting. Don't have even 5 minutes free in the next 24 hours!

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:48) SOAC acct, staff acc, Diversity workbooks

  Brenda Brewer: (13:50) See Link for PC2 tool here:

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:50) original comments -

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:51) ctrl F on the sheet containing the original comments allows you to seach - use the commentator name

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:51) What was the reference to three baskets?

  Leon Sanchez: (13:52) Areas of consensus, Areas of clarification or refinement and areas of divergence

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:53) Got it!

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:53) my question was not answered

  Christopher Wilkinson: (13:53) Thankyou. Good evening. CW

  Leon Sanchez: (13:53) Thanks Greg!

  Leon Sanchez: (13:53) Thanks all for attending

  Leon Sanchez: (13:53) my apologies for not being able to chair the call because of the background noise

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:55) what are those much larger community

  Kavouss Arasteh: (13:55) yes

  Bernard Turcotte Staff Support: (13:56) bye all

  Leon Sanchez: (13:56) bye all

  Leon Sanchez: (13:56) thnks!

  Carlos Raul GNSO: (13:56) txs

  Jan Scholte: (13:56) bye. thanks Greg

  Greg Shatan: (13:56) Goodbye all, and thank you for tolerationg my "chair on the fly" act.

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