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38ICANN should ensure that its Beginner Guides are easily accessible.ICANN StaffTG5
  • Outreach & Engagement
  • Capacity Building



Implementation Details

On the one hand, the digital copies of the Beginner’s Guides are easily accessible. In collaboration with ICANN Policy Staff, the At-Large Community has developed 3 Beginner’s Guides. They have been prominently featured on the new At-Large website, at the top of the Get Involved page. They have also been featured on, along with other Beginner’s Guides, which can be easily found via the top navigation, under Get Started. All the guides, except for two, are available in 6 UN languages and Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese. Some of these guides, including the At-Large ones, have been transformed into ICANN Learn online courses, which create another venue for the general public to access those guides. In addition, the Beginner’s Guide for At-Large Structure completed its update recently and its latest digital version will be published shortly. Some of its content has been repurposed for the new At-Large websites and promotion brochures.

On the other hand, due to cost reduction, the number of print copies of the Beginner’s Guides has been significantly reduced. They are reserved for specific regions with limited Internet access.

Next Step

In coordination with ICANN Staff, At-Large will request ICANN to reserve a limited number of print copies of the 3 At-Large Beginner’s Guides and distribute them in regions with limited Internet access.  



    • During ICANN 54, ALAC to discuss ICANN Learn online courses with Jeffery Dunn. 
    • During ICANN 54, ALAC to discuss potential additional Beginner's Guide with Nora Abusitta (now should be Betsy Andrews), including guides about other SOs/ACs


  • :
    • Existing Beginner's Guide need to be updated 
    • The new At-Large Website should make the Beginner's Guides more accessible 
    • Some of the online courses are very uninteresting to newcomers. 
    • Someone who has read through all the Guides and taken the courses can make judgement call on how to improve the information. Jeffrey Dunn is the go-to person for creating/improving ICANN learn courses  
    • Beginner's Guide to At-Large Structure is going through an updating process. Its Redline Version - Beginner's Guide to At-Large Structures (ALSes) is open for comments 

    • Challenge about the Beginner's Guide is that a reader may easily get lost due to its organization of information; the Guide should follow the style of the ICANN Strategic Plan 
  • :
    • Progress made on this recommendation: Beginner’s Guide for ALSes has been updated and new version will be published momentarily; has prominently featured all Beginner’s Guides, with 6 UN language versions available.
    • However, the number of print copies of Beginner's Guides have been reduced; a limited number of print copies are reserved for specific regions

Input from Outreach & Engagement Sub-committee: 

  • Contact Nora Abusitta about this
  • People with disability need to be able to read the beginner's guides (accessibility of documents)
  • Noted the prominent location of the beginner's guides on and want to make sure that future website will still put the beginner's guides in a prominent location