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35The ICANN Board should hold a minimum of one conference call with the At-Large Community in between ICANN Public Meetings.ALAC; ICANN BoardTG5
  • ALAC



Implementation Details

There has been significant increase of communications between the ALAC and the ICANN Board since the conclusion of the 2nd At-Large Summit. Rinalia Abdul Rahim, the At-Large Community selected Board Director, attended each ALAC teleconference in between ICANN meetings and provided updates on Board activities as a standing agenda item. She also frequently provided these updates via the ALAC mailing lists. Via teleconferences and mailing list correspondence, the ALAC also raised issues for Rinalia to communicate back to the Board and vice versa. Examples include the coordination between the ALAC and the ICANN Board on the development and evaluation of the Proposal for Multi-Year Planning of At-Large RALO Face-to-Face Meetings. Besides the ALAC teleconferences, Rinalia recently started to join EURALO monthly teleconferences and other At-Large calls. The ALAC has agreed that there is no need to meet with the full ICANN Board in between ICANN meetings and the communications with the Board via Rinalia has been effective.  

Furthermore, during ICANN56, a number of ICANN Board Directors actively participated in several At-Large sessions, and this increased level of engagement was greatly appreciated by At-Large members.

Next Step

At-Large will continue the communication with the ICANN Board via Rianlia in between ICANN meetings and maintain the smooth coordination with Rinalia. The ALAC will invite Steve Crocker, the Board Chairman, to attend its teleconferences when appropriate.



  •  Olivier Crepin-Leblond to ask a subset of the Board to hold a conference call with the ALAC in between ICANN meetings; Olivier Crepin-Leblond will ask ALAC Chair's permission first. 

    • ALT(Olivier Crepin-Leblond) to follow up with Steve Crocker on this rec during Friday  ALT meeting 


  • Enhance communications between the Board and the At-Large community 

    • Olivier Crepin-Leblond already spoke with Steve Crocker about this recommendation. He was informed that the Board has many meetings in between ICANN meetings and it won't be realistically feasible or beneficial for the ALAC to meet with the ICANN Board in between meetings. However, Steve Crocker is open to meet with the ALAC on his own in between meetings. 


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