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32ICANN should ensure that all acronyms, terminology in its materials are clearly defined in simpler terms.ICANN StaffTG5
  • ALAC

Implementation Details

The At-Large Community has been a strong advocate for reducing and clarifying the use of acronyms in ICANN’s working language, with the goal to lower the participation barrier for newcomers.

In At-Large’s own webinars, briefings, brochures, beginner’s guides, website, and other outreach and capacity building programs and materials, acronyms are spelt out and/or explained in the glossary list for reference. In the discussions and collaboration with other ICANN community groups and Staff departments, At-Large members have frequently and continuously emphasized the need for making acronyms understandable.

At-Large’s recommendation has rallied support from across ICANN. During the meeting with the new ICANN President & CEO Göran Marby in ICANN57, Göran echoed with At-Large in terms of the reduction of acronyms. There has been significant progress within ICANN to make acronyms easily digestible. This is reflected in ICANN’s regional engagement strategies and the expansion and translation of glossary lists. More effort is needed to make ICANN’s working language accessible.

Next Step

The At-Large Community will discuss with the ICANN Board and the Policy Development Support team about ways to reduce acronyms in ICANN. At-Large will also seek every opportunity to continue encouraging everyone to avoid using acronyms as much as possible.



  • ALAC to prepare a follow up on this and send to the ICANN Board


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