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29The ALAC should implement an automated system for tracking topics of interest currently being discussed among the various RALOs, and accessible by everyone.ALACTG5
  • Capacity Building
  • Technology Task Force
  • Social Media
  • RALO Chairs



Implementation Details

The new At-Large website has the function of automatically tagging, curating, and organizing ALAC advice, At-Large news, ICANN news, and reference resources based on topic areas that the At-Large Community has sustained interests in. This function helps the Regional At-Large Organizations track the development of those topics, as well as reflect RALOs’ inputs and contributions to those topics. 

However, RALOs still need to take a more active role in sharing with the wider At-Large Community about their topics of interests and activities related to those topics. 

Currently, RALO leaders report on their RALOs’ activities via the RALO Secretariat Report, but the formats of the Reports are not consistent across RALOs and they are not easily accessible or sharable. The leaders in the North America Regional At-Large Organization took the initiative to design a form-based template to facilitate the process of reporting RALO activities related to their topics of interest. This template needs to be further refined, promoted, and implemented across RALOs to fulfill the requirement of this recommendation.

Next Step

RALOs will develop an appropriate tool and mechanism to report and share their activities related to their topics of interest. 


    • TTF has worked on a template on Confluence for RALO Secretariat Report 
    • The news page in the revamped At-Large website will incorporate template that can be potentially used for reporting purposes; login for community members will be worked on after the Beta site launch 
    • RALO secretariats may be able to use a form-based template to provide updates via the new At-Large website 

Input from Social Media Working Group: 

  • RALO and Liaison reports seem to fulfill the request of this recommendation
  • Explore options of generating a template (e.g. online form, google doc) for RALOs, Liaisons, and Working Groups so that they can file reports in an efficient manner
  • Follow up with RALO secretariats on the status of the RALO report templates

    • RALO Secretariat reports should use a template that is easy for social media sharing. 
    • Community members have made an effort to create that template. 
    • New At-Large website redesign will also incorporate that Secretariat Report template design in the future; the reports can be tagged in order to show in the news feed of future RALO pages. 

Input from Technology Taskforce: 

  • The TTF looking to syndicate RALO topics across all RALO wiki pages using the Confluence’s wiki capabilities.
  • Wiki addons such as Confluence Questions ( & group chat applications may allow for such crowdsourcing of topic discussions; TTF to continue evaluation
  • To ensure regular updates from RALO chairs and secretariats in a form suitable for sharing, a template to standardise the information collected from RALOs is being developed
    • A template has been created in wiki for RALO secretariats to fill out and track topics of interest. The template is not viewable to the public at the moment 
    • The new At-Large website has features to automatically organize public comment proceedings and news articles based on policy topics, but this only partially satisfies the recommendation 

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