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24Both the areas of the Ombudsman and Contractual Compliance should report regularly on the complaints they received, resolved, pending resolution and actions taken to address issues raised by unresolved complaints.Contractual Compliance, ICANN Board, Chris LaHatteTG4
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Implementation Details 

The At-Large Community is keen on holding ICANN’s Contractual Compliance department accountable by pushing for greater transparency and openness in reporting its activities. At-Large held many constructive discussions with Senior Staff from the department during ICANN meetings and teleconferences on those issues. These efforts have resulted in the department’s significant improvements in providing clear and consistent communication on its activities. Its revamped section on not only includes clear messaging, infographics, and videos that explain what they do and how to make complaints. It also publishes and regularly updates annual, quarterly, monthly, and audit reports, as well as detailed metrics on compliance and enforcement for a rolling 13 month period.  

Due to the sensitive nature of the complaints that the ICANN Ombudsman receives and the legal limits on what can be reported on, the At-Large Community is satisfied with the current level of communications from the Ombudsman about his activities to the general public. Nevertheless, At-Large members took the initiative to contact former Ombudsman Chris LaHatte and ICANN’s Digital Engagement team, and offered a number of suggestions to improve the Ombudsman’s blog and social media channels. ICANN recently revamped the Ombudsman’s microsite, incorporating clear messaging on the role of Ombudsman (e.g. infographic of the ICANN Expected Stands of Behavior) and simple instruction on how to make complaints. The newly appointed Ombudsman Herb Waye has also maintained an active presence on Twitter and Facebook, making himself accessible to the ICANN community.

In addition, At-Large members have been actively leading and/or participating in the CCWG-Accountability WS2 Ombudsman SubGroup. Recommendations proposed by the SubGroup would enhance the scope and nature of the ICANN Ombudsman’s role, and may impact the mechanism for the Ombudsman to report on complaints.

Next Step  

The At-Large Community will maintain a watching brief on Contractual Compliance performance metrics and reports, as well as the communication channels of the Ombudsman, ensuring the ongoing nature and the continuous improvements of these types of reporting for transparency purposes.



  • If the reports done by Contractual Compliance are open to public, we will consider tweeting/posting them

    • ALAC is satisfied with the progress made by Ombudsman in reporting their work 

    • Due to the confidentiality of his office, it is sensitive to post 'unresolved complaints'. There is limitation in what SMWG can do. Nonetheless, At-Large can interact with his social media content to promote his work. 

In interview with Chris LaHatte on the Atlas ll recommendation Item 23 & 24 

Both the areas of the Ombudsman and Contractual Compliance should report regularly on the complaints they received, resolved, pending resolution and actions taken to address issues raised by unresolved complaints
In interview with Chris LaHatte on the Atlas ll recommendation
In  conversation with Chris  he  reiterated that due to the confidentiality of his office its very problematic to report on statistics and details on complaints since the privacy issues is paramount. His normally reporting is to the board and the issue of providing the community with statistics on number of filings, number of resolutions and more needs clarification.
Item One  Blog
As to Ombudsman's  social  media  sties. ie.  blog, Facebook and Twitter  feed  
One  Blog- Word Press‏ 
The blog is once a month posting 
25 posts
Missing analytic of volume of traffic and where the visitors are coming
Lack of  value added content or  relevance
  • Change the Wordpress  ( Blog)  template to use  proper  widgets to integrate  TWITTER, FACEBOOK  FLICKR and other feeds to the site
  • Provide  public user feedback
  • Needs less text and more pictures and videos
  • Need update on actual functions of the office
  • FAQ

Item Two Twitter



Followers   310
Tweets  512 
Retweets  unknown  and need to know
Integration of Twitter to automatically go  to blog and Facebook 
I think some of the content  is  restricted due to privacy but perhaps graphical  presentation of  resolutions  would  help people understand the role of the office.  
He will be meeting with Laura B of ICANN on revamping his Blog and he to share our recommendations into the integration
Glenn McKnight
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