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20Input the user perspective, wherever necessary, to advance accountability, transparency and policy development within ICANN.ICANN BoardTG3
  • IANA Transition & ICANN Accountability




  • Proposal is to give mandate to a new ad hoc At-Large WG on Accountability
  • Will address this rec in sync with the accountability track
    • At-Large Ad-Hoc IANA Transition & ICANN Accountability Working Group has the mandate to implement the specifics of this recommendation. Is this enough?
    • ALAC members in the CCWG Accountability have been advocating for the interests of end users, and have been facing challenges in doing this; we need continue doing this Work Stream 2 and later on
    • ATRT 3 will start shortly, and this can also be an opportunity for advocating for end user interests; the ALAC needs to select representative for the ATRT3. 
    • Who should do this is uncertain, and this can be problematic, as the ALAC is a volunteer-based group. It requires more people to follow through. 
    • The upcoming At-Large/ALAC Review will produce output related to the expectations and evaluation criteria of ALSes. This output will be relevant to this recommendation, as it may construct formalized ways to continuously engage volunteers in the work of At-Large in a sustainable manner. The work of the ALS Criteria and Expectations Taskforce will be complementary in this aspect, but the upcoming At-Large/ALAC Review will be crucial. 
    • At-Large members (including ALSes, in addition to the At-Large Review WP) should engage in the At-Large review

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