No.RecommendationRecipientThematic Group SourceAssigneesStatus
8The ALAC has the duty to keep track of action taken on all of the above recommendations.ALACTG1



Implementation Details

On behalf of the ALAC, the Post ATLAS II Implementation Taskforce has handled this assignment. Via teleconferences and mailing list exchanges, the Taskforce digested each recommendation, relayed tasks to assignees, and reviewed their completion status.

The ATLAS II Recommendation Implementation Report is the final deliverable of the Taskforce, which details the actions taken on all ATLAS II recommendations.

Next Step

In the short and medium term, the At-Large Review will evaluate the implementation of ATLAS II recommendations, many of which have implication to the organization effectiveness of At-Large. In the long term, the third At-Large Summit will further evaluate these recommendations and understand how they have impacted ICANN, the organization, and the broader ICANN community.


  • The Post ATLAS II Implementation Taskforce has been working on this very task of keeping track of actions on recommendations 
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