ALAC Approved FY16 Special Requests

ProjectDescriptionDetails of ApprovalMaterials RequiredLeadStatus

At-Large FY16 Special Request for a Strategic Working Session for ALAC and RALO Leaders at ICANN Public Meetings 54 and 55 Workspace 

The ALAC is requesting Strategic Working Sessions for the ALAC and RALO Leaders to take place on the Saturday prior to the start of ICANN 54 and 55. These sessions, similar to the working sessions on Saturday allocated to the GNSO and the GAC, would allow for extended policy discussions, strategy development and discussion of prioritizing their workload.

The GNSO has engaged in similar activities for many years with substantial productivity.  This request is approved on a pilot basis to see if the model can be effectively applied to the ALAC Leadership. Pilot effort to follow GNSO model - support for up to 20 people (2*10 per meeting) one extra hotel night approved for ICANN 54 Dublin and ICANN 55 (Meeting A) only.

Meeting Agenda

Session materials


ALTICANN 54 Session completed. ICANN 55 activities being developed.
At-Large FY16 Request for an ALAC Development Session at ICANN 54 Workspace

One day ALAC Development Session for the 15 members of the ALAC, both continuing and incoming members, at the end of the ICANN 54 Meeting on Friday, 23 October. 

This Development Session would have as a goal to foster co-operation within the ALAC as well as planning for ongoing and upcoming projects and activities within the ALAC.

This Session would serve as a team-building exercise to increase collaboration and to work more effectively as a virtual global team inter-sessionally.

The Session would also include a session on professional skills development. This latter activity would increase the ability of all ALAC members to develop critical skills needed to more effectively participate in meetings and work in a multi-cultural environment.

The GNSO piloted a similar activity in FY14 and FY15 with substantial success.  This request is approved on a pilot basis to see if the model can be effectively applied to the ALAC Leadership at the FY16 AGM. Pilot effort to follow GNSO model. Approval anticipates up to 20 travelers only and covers meeting room expenses as well as an additional hotel night stay for meeting participants (several will already be covered by other travel support mechanisms).

Meeting Agenda

Briefing book for incoming ALAC Members to be prepared by At-Large staff in collaboration with the ALT.

Facilitator for team building exercise.

Facilitator for professionals skills development session.


At-Large FY16 Special Budget Request for a Pilot program for real time captioning of Adobe Connect Workspace

This is a pilot program of captioning for 3 RALO and/or ALAC monthly meetings, and/or 3 Working Group meetings or webinars over one year.


Our goal in this pilot is to provide real-time captioning for either 3 RALO meetings a month or 2 RALO and 1 ALAC meeting, and/or 3 working group meetings or webinars a month to enable full participation of all At-Large Users within ICANN. We also want to raise awareness of the importance of including captioning whenever language support is offered. We are targeting RALO meetings since our goal is to increase engagement in ICANN within each of the respective regions. We are also targeting the working groups and webinars for the same reason as well as to promote more engagement from RALOs in these working groups.

Approved on a pilot basis to start in October 2015. ICANN has recognized the value of captioning technology during meeting support efforts.  The IT Team has been consulted and is capable of providing limited - but growing accessibility support for community calls and meetings.  Amount of calls/meetings supported per month will be determined by the IT Team - pending available resources and technology.  Goal will be at least three calls/meetings per month to determine viability. Staff will report on effectiveness of pilot effort and consult with community leaders after the first 3 months of the pilot program.  Expected nominal increase of IT expense .

 Judith Hellerstein to lead a small implementation taskforceIn Progress
At-Large FY16 Request for a Creation of E-Books of ALAC Learner Guides Workspace

ICANN has created introductory guidebooks for newcomers/ learners on various aspects of the ICANN eco-space. These materials are either  limited  print format or on a  non-interactive PDF format

This proposal suggests an updating of the materials to become e-book resources  for  use on mobile, Kindle and other devices. Secondly the material  would take advantage of the  add on feature of  audio reading capability providing  audio transcription to the existing materials

Creation of informational community content is a capability that the Communications Team has developed over the past few years.  Continuing the trend of successful collaboration, the Communications Team will be allocated FY16 resources to support community content production requests - see FY16 - 54 below. For this particular request, the Communications Team will consult with the NARALO Leadership on developing the appropriate materials to achieve the goals outlined in their proposal. Important to note that Communications Team methodology includes understanding the end goal of each community proposal at the front end, which may not end up to be the exact type of content or media requested yet will achieve the same goal.  Staff members of the DPRD will also be involved to help strategize an effective implementation methodology as the e-book documents are likely to be housed on the ICANN Online Learning Platform.  See FY16-54 below.


Learning Modules

  • Provide platform flexibility to learners
  • Production of properly configured resources  viable on mobile and E-Readers
  • Choice and convenience to end user
  • Expand the usability and use of existing resources
  • Integration of online resource to customer  feedback
  • Audio track to compliment the  e book materials

ALAC Position Papers

  • Conversion of ALAC recommendations ie. PIC from PDF  into  E-version with Audio file to provide flexibility and accessibility

Enhancement of ICANN LEARN and Academy programs

  • Integration with ICANN LEARN and Academy tools will result in enhancement of the existing tools.
To be led by a cross-RALO implementation taskforce. This taskforce to communicate with the Outreach and Engagemenet SCIn Progress. FLIPHTML sofware lifetime license being purchased.

RALO Approved FY16 Special Requests

RALOProjectDescriptionDetails of ApprovalMaterial RequiredLeadStatus
AFRALOAt-Large FY16 Request for an AFRALO Workshop in IGF 2015 Workspace

AFRALO proposes to organize a Workshop at the upcoming 2015 IGF due to take place in Brazil from 10 to 13 November 2015 about “how the ICANN multi-stakeholder model will evolve” in light of the new accountability mechanisms under consideration today. Speakers from all over the world would give their views and perspectives about the new landscape of the Internet Governance and the multi-stakeholder-ism after the IANA Functions’ stewardship transition and the new accountability mechanisms that will accompany it. The workshop would be a 90 minute session where the interaction with the attendees would be privileged,

Pending acceptance by the IGF MAG of this program - support for 3 AFRALO travelers is allocated.  Travelers must agree to produce a trip report on what the support made possible - i.e., other work, meetings. ICANN staff is not available to support session development, preparation or other support.

  Due to technical difficulties, the AFRALO Panel Workshop proposal was not considered by the MAG.

At-Large FY16 Request for an APRALO Leadership Team Outreach at The Tenth Annual IGF Meeting Workspace

The Tenth Annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Meeting is scheduled to take place in João Pessoa, Brazil, on 10-13 November 2015, which serves to bring people together from various stakeholder groups as equals, in discussions on public policy issues relating to the Internet.

This event is a unique outreach opportunity to reach persons from the globe involved in internet governance issues to raise awareness of ICANN multi-stakeholder model and the opportunities for participation therein.

In the past, APRALO members have participated in different IGFs with specific workshops, were among panelists & moderators, and in case of physical absence, have participated remotely. The Asia Pacific region is very diverse, and we call it “the region with many regions”, with different cultures, languages, religion, etc. During the tenth the IGF 2015, APRALO leadership is planning to be a part of different workshops as panelists like previous years, but have no secure funding for participation, as it happened during IGF 2014, where the members of APRALO initiated the workshop during the IGF, but due to the lack of funding were not able to run the workshop in person.

The IGF informs, influences and inspires those with policy-making power in both the public and private sectors, in addition to civil society. At their annual meeting delegates discuss, exchange information and share good practices with each other and this is an important meeting for our members to achieve the incorporation of as many organizations as possible to strengthen and enhance the ecosystem in Asia Pacific region, to facilitate a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and address risks and challenges that arise in our region. It is the only way to achieve effective results. We need feedback from the end users of Internet from the whole region.

There are 2 parts to this request:  APRALO Leadership driven Outreach at IGF and IGF Workshop Proposals.  In regard to the Outreach, as the proposal notes, it is not anticipated that there will be many Asia Pacific attendees at Latin America IGF.  The metrics provided for leadership team outreach do not appear to track for an event that is in Latin America rather than the Asia Pacific.  This concept may be more applicable for a future IGF located in the AP region.  With respect to workshop proposals - pending acceptance by the IGF MAG of the sessions proposed here - support for 2 APRALO travelers will be allocated.  Travelers must agree to produce a trip report on what this support made possible - i.e., other work, meetings. ICANN staff is not available to support session development, preparation or execution.

EURALOEURALO General Assembly at ICANN 54

As in previous years (2013 in Lisbon and 2014 in London), we would like to convene our next face-to-face General Assembly to a) provide our ALS community a next opportunity to meet and exchange experiences to improve our community building and Inreach and b) to make our member ALSes closely familiar with ICANN issues and procedures during an ICANN meeting (training / capacity building).

Regular meetings of our members are needed to promote inclusion and to stimulate broader ALS participation at our regular activities.


Autumn 2015 during the ICANN 54 Dublin meeting. Preferably all meeting days to allow some further capacity building sessions for our members to improve and broaden their understanding about ICANN.

An option could be to offer training sessions in coordination with or after the ICANN leadership training (Academy). Sandra Hoferichter, chair of this WG, is member of EURALO and could assist in preparing and conducting such a complementary training element, particularly for new members and those who are not yet familiar with ICANN’s org. structure, working methods and functioning.

FY16 resources are only available to support one At Large General Assembly (GA) this fiscal year.  The ALAC has the opportunity to choose between the EURALO GA (line 43) and the NARALO GA (line 48) proposals. Consideration of future GAs will be taken up again in FY17.

 Wolf LudwigCompleted
LACRALOLACRALO Outreach and Engagement Activities at the 8th TELECON Regional Forum

The Telecon is scheduled for November, maybe 19-20th, to be held in the Brazil/Recife-Pernambuco.


The Telecon is a regional forum initiated by the IBDI (ALS) since 2005, to approach the legal community that works with the Cyber Law and Internet Governance. This is an education/capacity building activity.


Approximately, 150/200 persons attend this event ranging from civil society, telecom, business and government. The TELECON is an open network of individuals from different Internet constituencies from the private sector, academia, civil society and government.

Established in 2005, the TELECON organizes annual high-level expert seminars on current Internet Governance subjects and Cyber Law.

LACRALO proposes to organize, in cooperation with the Telecon -.organisers team, an activity for increasing the skills and engagement of LACRALO members.

 The proposal is to have a training module for members of LACRALO and of course for those attending the Forum. This module would last for one morning. (Between 4 and 6 hours). The idea is to have between one to three trainers from ICANN according to budgetary possibilities. In this module should attend LACRALO members who have an active participation in LACRALO according to criteria agreed between ICANN and / or LACRALO.

Approved with limitations on travelers and training resources as follows. Activity to take place in conjunction with June 2016 ICANN Meeting in TBD location in Latin America and only cover cost of one extra hotel night for up to 25 travellers. Resources are not available to provide professional leadership training in FY16. Staff will examine the possibility of using previous LTP graduates who reside in the region (with emphasis on selecting individual(s) who are already funded to attend that ICANN meeting) to provide training opportunities. Staff will support providing of session rooms and required materials for the training to be successful. Preference should be given to alumni of the Fellowship program who are actively engaged in ICANN and would benefit from leadership skills training.

 Implementation Taskforce to be formed following clarification. 
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