From: Jonathan Robinson

Time: 15 April 2015

To: Mathieu Weill - Thomas Rickert - León Sánchez 

Cc: Lise Fuhr

Subject: Update following High Intensity CWG Stewardship meetings

Attachment(s): Detail on CWG Requirements for the CCWG.docx

PDF - Detail on CWG Requirements for the CCWG.pdf


Dear Mathieu, Thomas and Leon,

We are pleased to be able to provide you with an update (attached) following the intensive set of meetings of the CWG over the past 2 days (13 & 14 April 2015).

We have worked hard towards the goal of producing the draft proposal that we aim to distribute for public comment on 20 April 2015. Our work concentrated on:

1.       Finalising the work of our Design Teams which are focussed on operational and technical details of the draft proposal

2.       Developing the key structural aspects of the model supporting our draft proposal (with the assistance of our professional advisers)

As you are well aware, the CWG proposal will rely on the work of the CCWG in various key areas and the primary objective of this email is therefore to provide you with an update (and additional detail) on precisely those areas of dependency.

The timely delivery of your work is vital to the CWG. Over the course of the CWG’s collaboration with the CCWG we have always recognised the dependence and it has become increasingly clear that the CWG is relying on your ICANN accountability work, to co-ordinated timescales,  in order to support key aspects of the CWG’s proposal. The relative simplicity of the CWG proposal is predicated on your work.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and to any updates you can provide on your continued progress. 

Best wishes,


Jonathan and Lise

CWG Co-Chairs


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