This page shows the request for input that the WG sent to each GNSO Stakeholder Group and Constituency, and to all ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees. Any responses received are also included.


WG Request for Input: WG Letter to GNSO SG/Cs - Dec 2014 (a version of this letter was also sent to all ICANN SO/ACs, including the GAC. A separate set of questions was also sent to representatives of IGOs.)


SSAC - replied (Jan 2015) indicating no input at this time

GAC - replied (Jan 2015) that feedback to be expected after ICANN52

IGO Representatives - IGO small group response - 19 Jan 2015 (received 19 January 2015)

IPC - IPC response (received 23 January 2015)

ISPCP - ISPCP response (received 28 January 2015)

RySG - "The RySG has been actively following this WG's proceedings, and is satisfied with the current state of those efforts. As such, we don't have any comments to offer at this time." (received via email 6 March 2015) 


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