Here below is the list of confirmed members and participants


  • ICANN will offer travel support to the 19 CWG members only, but the meeting will be open to anyone in the CWG who wishes to attend in person (at their own expense).  
  • The deadline for confirmation of in-person attendance is 7 November 2014. 
  • The meeting will be webcast live through Adobe Connect and include remote participation capabilities consistent with the CWG meetings to date. The meeting will be recorded and transcribed. 
  • Alternates will be eligible for travel funding if and only if they are a current participant of the CWG and approved by their SO/AC to serve as an alternate.
  • The F2F meeting is a working meeting for the CWG. Like all CWG meetings, attendance is limited to CWG members and participants. Since anyone can join the CWG as a participant, if you know of someone who is interested in the work of the CWG, please encourage them to join. If you have any questions, please contact me.



  1. Wanawit Ahkuputra (GAC); 
  2. Jaap Akkerhuis (SSAC); 
  3. Donna Austin (GNSO); 
  4. Graeme Bunton (GNSO); 
  5. Fatima Cambronero (ALAC); 
  6. Olivier Crépin-Leblond (ALAC); 
  7. Eduardo Diaz (ALAC); 
  8. Lise Fuhr (ccTLD); 
  9. Robert Guerra (SSAC); 
  10. Staffan Jonson (ccNSO); 
  11. Paul Kane (ccTLD); 
  12. Elise Lindeberg (GAC); 
  13. Vika Mpisane (ccNSO); 
  14. Seun Ojedeji (ALAC); 
  15. Jonathan Robinson (GNSO); 
  16. Greg Shatan (GNSO)
  17. Amr Elsadr (Alternate for Avri Doria – GNSO)
  18. Alan Greenberg (Alternate for Fouad Bajwa – ALAC)



  1. Martin Boyle (ccNSO, member ICG)
  2. Camino Manjon-Sierra (GAC)
  3. Wolf-Ulrich Knoben (GNSO, member ICG)
  4. Allan MacGillivray (ccNSO)
  5. Matthew Shears
  6. Jorg Schweiger
  7. Peter Van Roste (ccNSO)
  8. Boyoung Kim (GAC)
  9. Minjung Park (ccNSO)
  10. Stephanie Duchesneau (GNSO)
  11. Desiree Miloshevic (At-Large)



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