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  1. The future of multistakeholderism


 (although i am not the SME, while I am in the file anyway ...

As a form of participatory democracy that builds on the other forms of democracy practiced in the world today, the variety of multistakeholder models have a promising future.  Multistakeholderism is, however, threaten by those who reject this form of democracy, oftentimes by the same states who reject democracy.   These projectionists find support in all other sectors, but at this point in time those who support he model form a rough consensus in its favor.  It is a a form of democratic action that is still evolving and still needs a fair amount of care and attention to thrive.  NETmundial has given the world one of its first examples of multistakeholder decision making modalities.  This points the way forward for multistakeholderism. 


  1. what are the current definciens in the ICANN multistakeholder model
  2. Is the ICANN model suitable for other organizations
  3. Is it a problem that the stakeholder groups are divided in a diffeernt configurations that the orthodox Government, Civil society, Private Sector triad.
  4. What can ICANN learn from NETmundial

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