1. Motion to  accept  Garth Bruen to have  a leave of absence for six  months 
  2. Interim  Chair is  Evan Leibovitch and  interim  Secretariat/Vice Chair is  Judith Hellerstein
  3. LeMarie and Imran  volunteered for the  committee for the  selection of the IANA  transition  group
  4. Vacancy for  the Naralo  spot  FBSC
  5. Due diligence for Consumer Council of  Canada 
  6. Cropp application rejected for  CES for Evan,   Evan resubmitted for NTEN in March 
  7. ARIN and NARALO  MOU  agreed upon and signing ceremony arranged for  Feb in Singapore-Evan following up


Monthly Meeting on November  10, 2014-  Evan  Leibovitch is now the new  Secretariat

MOU  with  ARIN and  NARALO   distributed to the  NA  list and  NARALO  SKYPE  chat,    Draft version  waiting for  NARALO feedback to Susan Hamlin 

CROPP Update 

  1. Approval of  Glenn McKnight  trip to  NTEN


Confirmation of   two  trips out of the five , pending two more  leaving  one more trip to be  approved

October  2014

The  main activity in October  was the  ICANN 51 in Los Angeles, California with  nine  ALS's  in attendance in  LA.   

Our  October   monthly meeting was in LA  and the meeting was truncated due to room changes so many of the attendees and staff were late.  

  • A  special dedication to Bob Bruen commenced the  meeting. 
  • Tabled the  ROP  for  the  adoption of the  Vice Chair  position 
  • Discussion of  deliverables of  CROPP for  North American consistent with NA  Outreach


Murray McKercher  managed  the  ICANN Remote  Hub in Toronto at the Makeworks  sponsored by CIRA and ICANN

-Number of  attendees  50

Report  pending from Murray

Special  Activities  include:

NARALO  Outreach  table at the  ICANN  village  next to the ICANN Fellow  booth  providing  literature  and information to attendees during the breaks and lunch   Special  thanks  to  Konstantin of  ISOC SF Bay Area for  helping at the  Outreach table 

-Number of  attendees to booth  30



The  NARALO  SHOWCASE   entitled  Our Internet , Our Stories, Our Network, First Nations and the World: NARALO SHOW 

Attendance  100

Our major theme focused on the First Nations Internet  situation in North and South America together with  musical performance by Anthony Niigani and  Derek's son.  and lastly a stunning performance of  Derek 

Our  was $5,100  and we managed to raise these funds  from ICANN, Verisign and Afilias.   The limited funds  resulted in  one drink ticket and  a cash bar. 

Extra  was the  pictures  taken with the performers in front of the  RALO banners 

The  evening  included

-Master of Ceremonies  Glenn McKnight

-Olivier  Crepin Lebond,  Chair  Of  ALAC

-Steve  Crocker,  Chair 

-Fadi Chehade, President

-Jackie  Johnson Pata, Association of  American Indians

-Loris  Taylor, Native Public Media 

-Anthony Niigani,  Manitoba E Association

-Alan Greenberg,  Sponsorship  Recognization   Derek and  Desiree

-Derek  ,  Hoop Dancer


  • Verisign,  Affilias and  Native Public Media 


Special  acknowledgements  to  the  donations  from  Loris Taylor of  Native Public Media  sponsoring the  performers and Ms. Johnson Pata



DNS  and Women Breakfast 


ALAC Wrapup

Accessiblity Working Group

ALAC General Pictures




A  runoff  election for the IANA  CWG  resulted in the  election of  Eduardo Diaz


CROPP  Update

-Trip approved  for   NTEN  in March 

-Trip submission  for  SWSE in March 

-Pending submission by Evan for CES

-Pending  submission by Evan for ARIN

September 2014

Outreach  followup with  Consumers  Council of  Canada  with  the  executive of the organization on answering any questions.  This   application is close to one year in the preparation and submission.  

August  2014 Report

  1. Summary 
  2. Action Items 
  3. Meeting and Action Reports
    Planning of NARALO  Showcase event in LA meeting

  4. Outreach 
    Online News Media  confirmed as  new  ALS



July  2014 Report

  1. Summary 
  2. Action Items 
  3. Meeting and Action Reports
    NARALO  election results   
    Glenn McKnight,  ALAC  Rep
     Garth Bruen, Chair,  Affirmed
     Evan Leibovitch,  Secretary, Affirmed
     Louis Houle,  Nomcom,  Affirmed
  4. Outreach 
    Online News Media  diligence

June  2014 Report

  1. Summary 
  2. Action Items 
  3. Meeting and Action Reports
    ATLAS  2  was  on the Saturday and Sunday  
    Noteworthy was  Edwardo Diaz as the Vice Chair for the event  
    Evan, Judith and Glenn were  reporters for  the thematic sessions.  Evan also was the principle writer of the final document.
    Glenn chaired the  Fayre of  Opportunities
  4. Short  Video 
    Pictures of the Event 
    Video  at event 
    Olivier , Wolfgang, Nmema
    Part  Three

    Evan, Glenn and  Alan were all Mentors for newcomers at the event
    NARALO  ALS   assembled in London for the ATLAS 2 and the  NARALO General Assembly was arranged  which was attended by  VP  Chris  Modini

  5. NARALO Election  started with nominations on June 12th and to be completed by July 12


May  26 2014

1. Summary

2. Action   Items- NARALO Call 

  • Susie Johnson to gather the latest NARALO brochures  50 EN, 25 FR, 25 ES to be sent to London and to  Glenn McKnight for other activities. Glenn will send his mailing address to Susie. 
  • Heidi Ullrich to check on "transcription" for ICANN sessions. 
  • Alan Greenberg to confirm the NARALO Election schedule  to put on the WIKI. 
  • Gisella Gruber / Terri Agnew to follow up on the turn around time for transcripts for all meetings. Garth Bruen has a suggestion to post them in one single page with all the media listed. 
  • Heidi Ullrich to follow up with Janice and Rob on whether a CROPP request can be submitted even before the FY15 Budget has been approved.


3.0  Meetings and Event Reports

  • Lots  of  pre-ATLAS 2  meetings  with various  NARALO  volunteer  to prepare for  the  Capacity Building Sessions, Fayre of  Opportunities and more

4   NARALO  Outreach

New  ALS's   
Native Public Media

Application from E Manitoba Association

May 27  presentation to Oshawa  Accessibility Committee


4.4  CROPP  Outreach

No  CROPP  travel in May 



5.0 Community Activities 



6.3. ALAC Report

6.4 NomCom May   Report presented by Louis Houle:


6.5 .Mobi Report- Murray

April 2, 2014

1. Summary

2. Action   Items- NARALO Call 


3.0  Meetings and Event Reports

4   NARALO  Outreach

New  ALS's   
As of  April 23   Visually Impaired and Blind Users (VLUG)   and  Native Media  information posted at  


4.4  CROPP  Outreach

.      ARIN 33- Chicago

      Travellers  Glenn McKnight

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:

# 1 It has been one of the Chair of NARALO's goals to reach out to ARIN and have a NARALO member attend the annual meetings. - Done

In fact four ICANN staff attended the event which was the first time ICANN attended ARIN

#2 Raising awareness about ICANN At-Large and networking with delegates –Done    Sunday night newcomers, Social, conference event etc were all opportunities to discuss ICANN and NARALO
# 3 New ALS applications to NARALO

This is not quantifiable since people were passing the information onward to appropriate parties

# 4 Distribute brochures to every delegate (estimated at 100)

Exceeded distribution of brochures over 100

# 5 Engage ARIN membership at social and educational sessions

# 6 Explore ARIN ON THE ROADSHOW collaboration

Meeting with Sue Hamlin and obtained list of ARIN on the Roadshow schedule

Note No video was shot at event: No permission granted by ARIN


Flicker  Pictures of  Event 

ICANN Blog  Post

5.0 Community Activities 



6.3. ALAC Report

6.4 NomCom Feb   Report presented by Louis Houle:


6.5 .Mobi Report- Murray



March 2014
1. Summary

2. Action   Items: ( Missing from NARALO Call )


3.0  Meetings and Event Reports

3.1 NARALO call in Singapore @  7 am 

3.2  ICANN 49  Singapore

As a whole the  ICANN 49 Singapore was a huge success from the  ALAC  perspective given the decision of  the NTIA and  the final realization that  ALAC  generated policies have been very constructive and relevant, especially now since  ICANN needs the face of the global community.  The solidarity of the ALAC  community the  effectiveness of it's leadership has reduced but it will never eliminate some misinformed opinions of ALAC contributions.
NARALO continues  to amaze the community, feedback from  friends at  Afilias  they were amazed on the  ALAC  representative  Murray McKercher  to the .MOBI    His life work with Bell Canada is a real tangible contribution
The hard work by Alan Greenberg and  Evan Leibovitch on policy  especially PIC , although given a cold shoulder at first by the  Board  resulted in support from GAC.  Another example  of the tangible policy contribution to ICANN mutlistakeholderism
Garth and myself who spear headed the Accessibility Working group with Chris Modini moved rapidly from idea to implementation, report below. 
Edwardo has been tireless in the  ATLAS  2 meetings and despite  getting some heat on the lack of content, they are moving methodologically in populating the site for information.  He has championed a  action item tracking system. Worth looking into his efforts. 
Louis  Houle  was locked away most of the time with the Nomcom  committee doing their magic.  This  nomcom has had no controversy as compared to past ones.  No news is good news from these people
In the midst of the ICANN meetings  we wrapped up the election with a strong  representation by Allan and Evan.  Despite their loss they showed their true professionalism and took the election results as democracy in action.  Rinala  was the victor  for Seat 15 which is a positive addition to the ICANN board
It was the NARALO team that pushed for a  First Nations  fellowship and ICANN's response with to create a  new  Mentoring  program and our first  participant with Anthony Niiganii and  Edwuardo was the Naralo  Mentor.   ( Perhaps  Eduardo can provide a report next month)
Here is his  presentation at the Board  General Assembly   Also  at the NARALO monthly meeting   Tony presented details on his ALS
Kudos to Avri and her contributions 
We have  been asking the delegates to record their daily meetings in the  WIKI  workspace.  Details are available 


Item One  Pictures 
Here is the list of the  pictures from the  ICANN 49
Day  1
Day  2
Day 3 and 4
ISOC  Delegate meeting
APRALO  Showcase
Day 5

Tea ceremony( Note beginning of video focus is an issue)

4 Outreach
4.1 Murray's Report
4.2 Due Dilgence of new  ALS's

    1. ISOC Disabled and Special Needs Chapter      
    2. VIBUG. Visually Impaired and Blind User Group
    3. Open Media ( April 4)

4.4  CROPP  Outreach

.      Washington  at the Non Profit  Technology Conference NTED, 

Evan Leibovitch and Glenn McKnight,  NARALO  CROPP OUTREACH

Original  Goals for  NTEN  Session (100 brochures for general distribution. 

Face to Face discussions at NTEN - 50 delegates and organizers
Specific potential ALS targeted in states, provinces or territories not represented in the NARALO list - 10
Number of pictures at event - 50 
Number of ICANN SKYPE or Blog postings - 10
Distribution of information regarding NomCom


Over  200 brochures distributed

Nomcom Bookmarks  100 

Delegate conversation over 300, could not identify locations that are low participates in NARALO

Skype and Blog postings and Twitter  40

Pictures  106

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:

- Conducted Birds of Feather to 20 delegates

-Faciliator of  NTEN session 45

- Radio interview for one hour  to 9,000 listeners

-Interview with Chronicle for Philantropy Journal

-Visit to 100 booths at event

-Promotion to Twitter list at #14NTC

4.5  Chair's  Outreach

5.0 Community Activities 

6.1. Accessibility Working Group met in Singapore.  -Garth and Glenn
A summary of the objectives for the group is on video 

Amazing speed has been shown by ICANN and thanks to VP  Chris Modini and his staff in supporting this initiative.  In fact the  ecosystem from ISOC, Osbudman, GNSO, ALAC, GAC and the business community has expressed unanimous support for our strategy crafted by Gunela  Astbrink( ISOC-AU)

6.2. ATLAS 2 Opportunities Fair:  Chair Glenn McKnight 

The planning of the event is  still at the mercy of the sponsors  which has been slow.  I made an outreach on behalf of the committee to Microsoft and Samsung.  We also found out the  the  rock star speaker  wanted a six figure speaking fee.  Time to look for an alternative.  We can get a short  remote speech from Vent  Cerf 
Our room is confirmed and work has been assigned to the  delegates to provide person power at the  table tops at the event.  We will be having new banners according  to Heidi

A summary of the  event  in a slideshow


6.3  TOR  Session 


6.3. ALAC Report

6.4 NomCom Feb   Report presented by Louis Houle:

6.5 .Mobi Report- Murray

.MOBI Policy Advisory Board Meeting Summary 13 March 2014


February 2014 (Please Note New Format! Send Comments to Chair)

As part of our efforts to streamline internal procedures, information sharing, and make our work metrics-friendly, the structure of our reports will mirror the structure of our Monthly call agenda. This will connect our expressed goals with actual results.

  1. Summary
  2. Action Items Completion and Status
    2.1. Email address for and

3. Meetings and Events Reports

3.1. Monthly Naralo call with 18 attendees. A great showing and interest in NARALO activities

4. Outreach

4.1. Murray's  Report

4.2. Outreach to new ALS  including  ISOC Disabled and Special Needs

4.3. Cyberwarriors for  ex Canadian and US  military

4.3. Cropp trips to ARIN in April and NTED in March has been booked, hotel and airfaire received.  We have Naralo brochures and  NOMCOM bookmarks for distribution

4.4. Chair's recruitment efforts:
4.4.1. Chair presented at Visually Impaired and Blind User Group (VIBUG) meeting 2/8/2014; application pending
4.4.2. Chair had phone calls with Open Media Canada and National Sexual Violence Resource Center; call pending with Online News Association
4.4.3. Chair met with Black Hat in San Francisco while at RSA; considering application
4.4.4. Chair met with Konstantin of ISOC SF to discuss his projects, namely fixing the digital divide with low orbit connectivity satellites

5. Community Activities

6. Committee/Working Group Reports

6.1. Accessibility Working Group had it's inaugural call to formalize the purpose and name of the group; It was decided that the WG  focus only on the Disable Community and the group will share their suggestions on helping ICANN be more engaged in working with the disable community and make it's event more accessible

6.2. ATLAS 2 Opportunities Fair: Byweekly calls on issues ie. naming convention, speaker, food, music, sponsorship and other logistics issues

6.3. ALAC Report

6.4 NomCom January Report presented by Louis Houle:

On ICANN Functions


 ALS  Interviews on SKYPE,  Completed   Ed, Kerry, Darlene and Robert( look on NARALO ALS Page)

A  ten point tip sheet created to help people create a better SKYPE interview

January 2014  

  1. Summary
    January was busy with outreach and in-reach. NARALO contacted 43 new groups and had exchanges and in-person meetings with some. In-reach included ensuring all ALSes had completed the ATLAS II survey and were listed correctly in the database. Some ALS contacts needed updating and we coordinated with staff to correct these. Much effort was put into launching the Accessibility projects

  2. Action Items Completion and Status
    2.1. Incomplete Items
    2.1.1. Staff Items: Many incomplete including details on Native Fellowships
    2.1.2. NARALO AIs: further action on compliance, updates on reserving AL in DNS, 

    2.2. Completed Action Items

    -Maureen Hilyard  to send a link to Garth with the questions on Metrics. Garth will then request feedback from all the NARALO ALSes. - completed

    -Garth Bruen  to provide the name of the person who will receive the certificate for Gareth Shearman from the Board.- completed. - completed Darlene received certificate

    -Puerto Rico ALSes was approved – Regional Advice was reached : Evan, Alan, Glenn, Darlene, Gordon, Garth, Jolie, Thomas, Eduardo voted in favor.-completed

    -Garth Bruen  to send an email to staff confirming the Regional Advice. Staff to continue with the accreditation process.- completed

    -All - Please note that "New gTLDs" has been removed as a standard item and moved under "ICANN Functions"

    -All - Please note that the agenda has been renumbered since the last session

    -Heidi Ullrich (Staff) to request information from Christopher Mondini on disabled community  access activities. Completed, (see 4.1.)

    -Garth Bruen (Chair) to let Sandra Hofferichter and other organizers of the ICANN Academy know of the need for training for RALO Leaders and Secretariats. - Completed (see 5.6). 

    -Heidi Ullrich (Staff) to look for a Digital certificate of Gareth Shearman - Complete (see 5.7.)

    -METRICS WG Feedback: Garth Bruen to  request feedback from all the NARALO ALSes. - Integrated in ongoing discussions (see 5.5)

    -Staff - Please create a "2014 Teleconference" Directory in the WIKI - Complete
    -Staff - Please advise of the status of Buenos Aires Reciprocity Reimbursements

    -Staff: Please advise on the staff Due Diligence status of new ALS application: Capital Area Globetrotters


  3. Meetings and Events Reports
    3.1. Monthly NARALO teleconference occurred as scheduled
    3.2. Chair attended ALAC Monthly, Transcript
    3.3. Chair attended ALT Mid-month and Monthly
    3.4. Chair attended ATLAS II Events teleconf
    3.5  Secretariat chaired the ATLAS ll Celebration organizing committee

  4. Outreach Activities
    4.1. Outreach to  under served community is being made in earnest  with  creation of  a  NARALO Outreach matrix  to show which US  states territories and  Canadian provinces  are not represented in our  NARALO family. Communication has started with American Samoa  which is a in NARALO jurisdiction has a  GDP of $8K per year according to the World Bank and eligble for ICANN fellowships.  Its one area we have started an outreach for a new ALS
    4.2. New  ALSes:   HET  from Puerto Rico and  Capital City Globetrotters
    4.3. Officers worked diligently with staff to ensure all members had completed the ATLAS II Survey and were listed correctly in the database

  5. Community Activities
    5.1. Pushing for compliance disclosure
    5.2. Creating Agenda for Tor Sessions in Singapore

  6. Committee/Working Group Reports
    6.1. Disabled and Special Community  Working group is communication via  email  but  no meeting has taken place since the inaugural discussion in November in BA, First Working Group call is scheduled for Week of Feb 10Th
    6.2. CROPP - ARIN in Chicago and NTEN in Washington has been approved- Using two of the five allotted spaces for outreach

  7. ALAC Report
    7.1 Cross-Constituency letter to board concerning new gTLD PICs
    7.2. Steve Crocker acknowledges ALAC

  8. On ICANN Futnctions
    8.1. ALAC is still reviewing the compliance issues
    8.2. At-Large is still waiting on a tracking system for staff requests

  9. Miscellaneous


BLANK 2014  

  1. Summary
  2. Action Items Completion and Status
  3. Meetings and Events Reports
  4. Outreach Activities
  5. Community Activities
  6. Committee/Working Group Reports
  7. ALAC Report
  8. On ICANN Futnctions
  9. Miscellaneous
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