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ALAC Metrics Could Do Activities


ALAC: Definition of the criteria of involvement and participation:

  1. Attendance: 
    1.1  Attend ALAC conference calls and any other virtual meeting

1.2  Attend face to  face ALAC meetings  held during an ICANN  meeting

1.3  Attend monthly RALO meetings

1.4  Attend RALO and RALO-related meetings

1.5  Apologies  given before a meeting when not available to attend

2. Participation and Contribution:

2.1 Participate and contribute to ALAC discussions relating to ICANN policy development through:

2.1.1  mailing lists 

2.1.2  wiki pages

2.1.3  virtual meetings

2.1.4  face to face meetings

2.2  Take a lead role in  ALAC-initiated working groups

2.3  Participate and contribute to ALAC-initiated working groups

2.4  Take a lead role (eg pen-holder) in working groups of other bodies within ICANN

2.5  Participate and contribute to  the role of ALAC in working groups  of  other bodies within ICANN

2.6  Participate and contribute to RALO and RALO-related meetings

3. Voting: 

3.1 Participate in the decisions and votes by the ALAC on ICANN policy issues

4. Reporting:

4.1  Report  to the ALAC on ALAC -initiated working groups or other ICANN activities

4.2  Report  to the ALAC on any liaison roles  related to other bodies within ICANN

4.3  Report  to the ALAC on any working group activities

4.4  Report  to the RALO on ALAC decisions and involvements


ALAC: Metrics for involvement and participation

5. Attendance

5.1  Attended  “#” monthly conference call meetings

5.2  Attended  "#" working group meetings

5.3  Attended  "#" other ICANN body meetings

5.4 Attended "#" RALO-related meetings

5.5  Apologies given for "#" meetings  that was  unable to attend

5.6  No apologies given for "#" meeting  that did not attend

6. Participation and contribution

6.1  Participated and contributed to “#” monthly conference call meetings  (by audio or chat)

6.2  Participated and contributed to "#" working group meetings   (by audio or chat)

6.3  Participated and contributed to  "#" other ICANN body meetings  (by audio or chat)

6.4  Did not participate or contribute to "#" meetings that attended

7. Voting

7.1  Voted on "#" formal ICANN decisions proposed by ALAC

7.2  Did not vote on "#" formal ALAC decisions

8.  Reporting

8.1  "#" reports provided to ALAC meetings

8.2  "#" reports provided to RALO meetings

9. Definition of the ALAC status:

9.1  Active               60%+

9.2  Less active       40%-60%

9.3  Not Active        0-40%

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