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Reports submitted by At-Large community members who covered non-At-Large events at the ICANN Durban meeting. Please note that reports will be posted after the meeting begins. 

MeetingDate and TimeAssignee and RALOReport
DNS Women BreakfastMonday 15Sylvia Herlein - LACRALODNS Women again showed their strength,   convening more than 70 women from the various components of the industry, governments and civil society in the internet related in traditional breakfast on Mondays.
It was announced the launch for ( next week) July 21st, 2013 del site
but if you want more information can be found in
ALAC MeetingsSunday14Glenn McKnight-NARALO

A very interesting comment by Steve Crocker today on the hard work of ALAC , his comments were recorded and posted to the website


Pictures of the ICANN ALAC Meetings, GNSO, NCUC and more


 Wed to Fri 13Glenn McKnight-NARALO

Various NCUC short video clips at the 1st School of African Internet Governance

Just to get short  NCUC  clips  up to Youtube quickly  I have  posted two short clips  
One from Bill Drake and another by Wolfgang
 Sun. 14Glenn McKnight-NARALO

Presentation by Dev on LUCID MEETING as an effective tool for meetings

Video pending on Youtube

Dev Anand Teelucksingh


 Sun 14Glenn McKnight-NARALO

Livestreaming the ISOC event tonight

Pictures of event posted to Flickr

The event was two hours long and well attended by ISOC members around the World. The outgoing Chair had interesting comments

Animoto video clip



 Mon 15Glenn McKnight

DNS and Women

Pictures and Videos taken of event

 Mon 15Glenn McKnight

Online Learning Platform

Discussion of the ICANN Academy, discussion on proceeding on the platform

Speak to Siva or myself about the MOODLE which was created 1 -1/2 year ago


 Mon 15GlennNomcom meetings for rest of day and meeting the ATRT2 group reviewing the stock of questions for NOMCOM, session chaired by Brian of PRI

Meeting Strategy

Working Group

Mon 15

13:30 - 15:00

Sylvia Herlein &

Eduardo Díaz

We had a very successful brainstorming meeting. Many ideas were generated in relation to ways of structuring future ICANN meetings. X Plane consultors helped facilitate the meeting.



Mon 15

16:30 -


Eduardo DíazI was invited to participate in this event as one of the observers of the Meeting Strategy Working Group. Present at the conference were: Dr. Stephen Crocker, Fadi Chehadé, Dr. Nii Quaynor and Peter Dandjinou.
BOARD and ALAC9 amGlenn M

Photos taken at meeting and working group reports to board.

Amazing dialogue between Steve Crocker and Fadi surprized everyone as to it's frankness and directness. It was encouraging to hear the commitment to the stakeholder involvement It was refreshing to hear to honesty and encouraging for ALAC

Only photo regretfully


ccNSO Presentation on finances of ccnSO by Bryon Holland

Photos and video


Presentations by Nomcom

Participated from the NARALO representative as to future training of NOMCOM reps


Presentation by ALAC Chairs

Garth's presentation emphasized the three issues. Aboriginal Internet Access, Digital Rights of the Disabled and Privacy Issues

Video posted Youtube  

At-Large Multi-Stakeholder Policy Roundtable

Monday, 15 July 2013 14:00- 16:00


Excellent presentation by Karaitiana Taiuru on Indigenous Groups’ Perspective

ATRT2 meeting with the SSAC Mon, 15 July 2013 07:30 - 08:30Dev Anand Teelucksingh

SSAC members commented on the ATRT2 questions

Lot of discussion on Q1 (whether GNSO PDP is effective for developing gTLD policy)

SSAC chair mentioned that an issue is that it is silo based rather than topic based, and that cross constituency input/deliberations on issues don't happen or happens too late whereever the process is being developed. Examples of possible issues : new gTLDs, IDN ccTLD Fast Track

Steve Crocker mentioned a report just published on the internal SSAC list on the issue of conflict of names used on internal networks being
deployed in the root was cited as an example.

This issue was mentioned by SSAC that such research was needed at the time of the initial root scaling survey for new gTLDs but was not done until now. Why did this take so long from a ATRT perspective?

Alan noted that cross community deliberations is mentioned in the AoC but not done by ICANN AC/SOs

Lyman C - when community centred processes such as GNSO PDP, in spite of cross-community and talking to to other ACs and SOs, there is a tendency by the AC/SO to complete the work internally. perhaps there needs to be mechanisms in the AC/SO PDP processes that requires input by other AC/SO groups before any AC/SO can publish reports.

SSAC is working on disclosure interests policy so that members' interests are disclosed in an open way and for others to see who was involved and affiations in SSAC reports

SSAC chair mentioned that the SSAC has not ever been blocked/held back by ICANN legal to publish their reports. Reports may not be published as scheduled if there is not encough consensus.

Discussion on SSAC Accountability and Transparency -

  •  SSAC default is issues/reports/discussions are closed to the SSAC and not public - Should this be open?
  • Many SSAC persons said this should not change - having it open/public would inhibit SSAC members from posting/contributing to SSAC discussions in a frank manner

We are doing extensive deep dives and interviews with ICANN Board candidates. Very interesting candidates. Excellent candidates for the new board

We are working all day and tomorrow on interviews and Friday and Saturday is the selection process

NARALOGeneralGarth BruenIn addition to our meeting I am helping coordinate our regional elections with staff. I have remarked to staff that election details must also be sent en Français aussi


Wed, 17

Natalia Enci
Themes:  1. Joint Statement in TMCH in Beijing. 2. Request to return friday meetings. 1.The concern is the process. The real problem is that process that was follow by the CEO to gather a few people in a room without proper stakeholder participation, Not in complete agreement with the people that did participate in that process. The board approve the TMCH+50. You get to block 50 other names. The board ignore the request. The independent review process costs millions of dollars. Follow thorug the Community engagemente process. File an independent review process. Ask Icann to funding in the same way they are funding ALAC independent process. The CEO is restructuring the whole organization. Take a stand that this is a very crucial component. The creation of a division of implementation of a gold that is free of the stakeholder process, is problematic. We are going to isolate part of the process from the mulstistakholder model. It is the whole mulstistakeholder process that is being threaten by creating isolating division. The presidential committee that set the roadmap is another problem./ would like to see more information about how this is going to work. Understood is an operational part of ICANN. Contractual work. Ask the Board and FAdi and tema to produce a document that clearly define the work. The channel and bridges that connect. / have alarm bells ringing. / The MS is a complete work of ICANN, not a segment a ICANN. We are Icann. Alac can give advice on anything./ Be vigilant./ Say in the public forum. Joint statement, proper engagement process procedure. / Whish to first see evidence before raising a flag. / Produce a joint statement. /Alac have to take it back to other members. Statement that might have come from the alac in the future, asking for documents. 
Leadership MeetingThursday 8AM

Garth Bruen

Glenn McKnight

Reported on NARALO activities, made the issue of updating the ALS application form a Inter-RALO item and will be moving forward with a multi-RALO subgroup to create a new online form.

Also suggestion we use a short INTEREST FORM I shared with the group a GOOGLE FORM

Leadership MeetingThursday 8AMGarth BruenMade the action item "On a March 18 2013 ALAC briefing call on RAA changes staff (Margie Milam and Sam Eisner) were asked to identify ICANN's economic advisors and provide the economic study document that was the basis for changes to RAA 3.3.6 and 3.3.7, Will At-Large staff please forward this request again?" an ALAC action item from the Durban meeting.
Informal meeting with Chris MondiniSaturdayGarth BruenAll present NARALO members met with the new VP of North American Stakeholder Relations Chris Mondini
Informal Meeting with CEOSunday NightGarth BruenAll RALO leaders met with ICANN CEO - there was no policy discussion on introductions

Nomcom meeting all day with candidates


ALL Glenn

Pictures and Video of various ICANN events are posted on FLICKR and Youtube

We need to discuss all the pictures and videos collected how to how handle this content in the future.

As an example at Afralo showcase I have videod all the speakers. What can be done with this content?



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