This workspace has been made available for community members to post their SO/AC Leadership Meeting related questions. 

Please submit any comments on the workspace using the comments function by 21 June 2013 23:59 UTC.

This is a meeting of the Chairs of ICANN Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees with the ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé and his Senior Staff.

The meeting provides a setting for SO/AC Chairs to exchange points of view developed by their community and to discuss ICANN issues that involve ICANN Staff, Strategy, Development etc. with Senior ICANN Staff.

The meeting is not recorded and is held under Chatham House Rules in order to keep the discussions and (sometimes) debates candid and frank.

The proposed agenda items from At-Large, based on input from the At-Large Community are, in no particular order:

  1. Implementation Issues concerning IDNs (primarily the Trademark Clearinghouse & IDN Variants, as well as Label Generation Rules)
  2. Organizational changes in ICANN and how they impact new gTLDs and the new gTLD process
  3. Re-delegation issues - with examples from ccNSO re-delegation problems but also a wider scope re: IANA and numbering (ASO & NRO present)
  4. Staff and Community burn out (this is a regular discussion that has been taken up for the past 6 SO/AC Chairs meetings)
  5. Staffing and resourcing. How about a community engagement officer? For example in Hospitals, there is a Patient Advocate; how about a volunteer advocate?

Thanks for your input. This topic is now frozen.

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  1. Since the delegation was made, management dot cd is still unclear. Many Congolese do not trust the dot cd. I say knowingly. The representative of the DRC to the GAC will be in Durban. It may explain my assertions.

    What are the mechanisms envisaged by ICANN to assist countries that face problems in the implementation of an appropriate management of the domain name?

    I ask this to reassure DRC officials are concerned by the dot cd.

    1. Hi Baudouin, I will be looking forward  to you for sharing of your experience in the delegation process. I are anticipating such a more for .lr.

  2. Who should benefit from the revenue accrued from the sale and management of ccTLDs?

    I planned to take up this discussion with other stakeholders in my country, Liberia, (.lr) after ICANN 47 Durban meetings. I have been concern about this issues for quite sometime now as one of the Leaders of Internet end users organization, ISOC Liberia Chapter ASL, in my country.

    While individuals are using their private resources to represent their country at international fora that will impact the country internet infrastructure development, i believe a portion of resources generated from  these national internet resources such as  ccTLDs should go to organizations, such as Internet Society Chapters. This will help empowers these institutions play a more crucial role in their leadership pursuits both at national and International levels. I hope At Large leadership take note of these issues.

    In addition, I am very happy to be back in this forum after such a long time. When we were just working on modalities for the establishment of ISOC Liberia in 2007, which became a year later an ALS, I had the opportunity to attend AfTLD meeting in Cairo Egypt 2007, where I made a passionate appeal to AfTLD to have Internet & DNS awareness programs in Liberia, as there was and still a huge lack of awareness about DNS & its role in Liberia. There is still a need for such an awareness.

    I am also looking forward to the Leadership of AFRALO and other At-Large AC/SO for their support in building the capacity of National ALS to effective carry out such awareness in their respective countries

    1. Yes Philip,
      The problem is certainly in the interest that is the actor or actors that control the operation of the ccTLD but establishment of a mechanism of management is indispensable to avoid malfunction and especially erode confidence in the ccTLD.
      With the advent of new gTLDs, everything becomes complex in the minds of most users when the problem of ccTLD is not cleared.

  3. Dear Baudouin,

    Dear Philip,


    thank you for your suggestions.

    These will be included as examples in the discussion on re-delegation issues. The Chair of the ccNSO attends these meetings too.